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Virtuoso Powerhouse MUCCA PAZZA performs at the Holiday Fair

Saturday, November 2012

in the Chicago Waldorf School Auditorium
Saturday December 1st, 2012 - 3:00pm

We will be thoroughly entertained, thrilled, shocked & cajoled by Chicago’s local phenomenon, Mucca Pazza, a 25-person marching band, originally founded by a CWS alumni dad, Mark Messing. If you have not seen them, you will be both charmed and charged. If you have seen them, then you know what we’re talking about! They are Chicago's own brand of creative expression and willful mismatched performance insanity...confused? Check out  their videos below.

But most importantly, to see the show, get your tickets NOW from the Main Office.
Tickets are at the incredibly accessible price of $4/Adults and $2/Kids under 12 yrs old!


Call 773.465.2662 or email Phoebe Cape at for ticket orders.

Waldorf student musicians perform daily. The kids (and adults too) will love MP's colorful chaotic virtuoso music...


"Mucca Pazza is the marching band that thinks it's a rock 'n roll band. 20-30 grown-up dorks with too much energy and too little self-restraint, stupefying their audiences with music that should never be performed by a marching band. In fact, this band of misfits only has one march in their repertoire, their other music includes zombie-mambo, snake-charmer-metal, gypsy-reggaeton and classical. Their mismatched uniforms and plastic bag pom-poms razzle revelers while their chaotic movements and strange behaviors dazzle the public. With speakers strapped firmly to heads, Mucca Pazza’s rambunctious live show has brought them to such acclaimed venues as the Late Show with Conan O'Brien, Lollapalooza, and some canoes floating down the Chicago River."



Here are some samplers of Mucca Pazza in performance:

Performance at NYC's Knitting Factory   Performance at Martyr's Chicago


Tube Sock Tango, 1894
Astonishing and irrefutable evidence of the existence of Mucca Pazza in the 19th century!
  Boss Taurus, 2012 (official music video)
from their new full-length album 'Safety Fifth'


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