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Tweens & Teens: Cellphones, Texting & Cyber-bullying.  An Expert Presentation & Community Discussion

Thursday, May 2012

All parents are invited to join us for this presentation and community discussion about:

Tweens, Teens & Social Media: Navigating Cell Phones, Texting and Cyber-Bullying

Monday, May 7th from 7:00-8:30pm in the Auditorium

Technology is an important and pervasive tool in today's world. Like any powerful tool, the user needs a certain skill set in order to effectively manage it. Without those skills, the potential for trouble increases dramatically. Just think of a 13 year old with a complex tool like a chain saw or driving an automobile. How do we educate our teenagers so they can safely and responsibly navigate the world of cellphones, online communications and portable media?

The PTO is hosting this important lecture and community discussion on cyber-bullying and inappropriate texting. Invited as a pedagogically sensitive presenter who works with many adolescents and parents, Kelli R. Underwood, LCSW from the Center for Contextual Change, will address the community on this important and relevant topic. Ms. Underwood will explore the various types of cyber-bullying and inappropriate texting, the legal ramifications and wide ranging consequences of cell phone misuse, as well as strategies for parents to support their teen's safe use of technology - including effective ways to monitor adolescent screen time. Ms. Underwood will explore why students engage in bullying behavior and how we can empower our children to confront and prevent it.

The goal of the evening is to provide parents with a skill set for ways to better manage, guide and educate their tween’s and teen's encounters with the world of technology.

There will be time for follow-up questions and discussion.

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Kelli Underwood holds a Master's degree in Social Work from Indiana University and is a certified Marital and Family Therapist. She is the Director of Child and Family Programs at the Center for Contextual Change. She has done extensive work with children, adolescents, adults and families in creating a safe context from which change can occur. She conducts numerous trainings for professionals and parents on a variety of topics. The Center for Contextual Change in Evanston honors the resiliency of the human spirit and is dedicated to helping individuals enhance their strengths and develop new coping strategies.