The Bulletin

The Seniors Future Moves: 2015 and Beyond

Thursday, May 2014


Talia Adams has been accepted to the University of Redlands’ Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, but has deferred for one year. Talia will seek employment this summer and looks forward to auditioning for theater productions in Chicago in the coming year. Once on the Redlands’ campus, Talia will be part of a unique learning community.  Johnston Center students design their majors, forge graduation contracts with their professors, and live among peers in a setting built on community and consensus.

Paco Alvarez will attend Carleton College in Minnesota. When he visited the campus, he was impressed by the students, whom he described as “interested in what they are learning, and not just there for the degree.” Paco plans to study English and Philosophy, and looks forward to involvement in one of their extracurricular writing groups and perhaps the film society. Carleton is ranked #1 by U.S. News for undergraduate teaching at a liberal arts college. 

Malcolm Collins is looking forward to four years at the University of Iowa. He had his sights set on a large or mid-size university with strong academics. The University of Iowa offers that, plus all of the excitement of a Big Ten school. In addition, it has a beautiful campus and a warm and welcoming student body. Although Malcolm is interested in pre-law, the strong artistic and performing arts culture helps to create a diverse and open campus culture which Malcolm appreciates. U.S. News names Iowa as one of the top 30 public institutions in the country. 

Adele Erickson has made her decision to attend Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida next fall. In making her decision, she was swayed by the photojournalism program and the high percentage of international students.  Lynn’s core curriculum, the Dialogues of Learning, was recognized by Inside Higher Education as an example of how colleges and universities can increase the rigor of their academic offerings and improve the comprehensive education of their students.

Rebecca Lavin-Burgher is headed toward warm Florida weather and Eckerd College this fall. Rebecca hopes to explore several different avenues of study, but she is considering journalism with a focus on photography.  The required freshman program, “The Human Experience” happily reminds Rebecca of the Waldorf approach to education. Eckerd looks out for the well-being of its students and provides unique de-stressing options (such as bringing puppies onto campus) during each finals week. Eckerd is also one of the top 50 schools that produce graduates who go on to obtain PhD’s in the sciences and humanities. 

Jeremy Marder is excited to attend the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. When he visited the campus, he attended a protest about fracking and was impressed with the students’ passion and the intellectual level of their arguments. Jeremy hopes to explore majors, but currently has an interest in the Global Studies program. And he has already found at least one study abroad program of interest, to Spain and North Africa! On the extracurricular side, Jeremy hopes to become involved in film production on campus.

Sarah Matthews looks forward to college at the University of Oregon. UO has an excellent journalism and communications program, and this is an area which interests Sarah greatly. Sarah was pleasantly surprised during her visit to campus; she sat in on a lecture that was highly interactive even though there were almost 200 students in attendance! Sarah looks forward to attending sports events and bicycling.  And she is already in communication with students at Duck TV, the local station, and she is hopeful that she can get involved there right away. UO has been designated a top-tier research institution by the Carnegie Foundation. 

Alex Morson is east-coast bound and will attend Connecticut College to study computer science and/or math. He likes the location near an urban area, and noted after his visit there that the students seemed very welcoming and participatory in class. Connecticut College was named by Newsweek and College Prowler as one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation; the campus is actually part of a 750 acre arboretum. Princeton Review ranks Connecticut College #11 for excellence in career services and job placement.

Iris Pavelic will stay in the Chicago area to attend North Park University with a major in chemistry. North Park has a very diverse student body and offers pre-pharmacy advising, which is important to Iris’ long term goals. Iris will continue to work at Walgreen’s; but once she turns 18, she can sit for the pharmacy technician licensing exam, and she plans to do this during the summer. Hopefully we’ll see Iris working in the pharmacy department at Walgreen’s by fall. Iris has already signed up for classes at North Park and is looking forward to participating in theater, as well as competitive soccer and volleyball. 

Merci Randolph has a great deal of enthusiasm for her college choice, Dickinson College. She noted that they have an organic farm which partially supplies the cafeteria and that she will be able to bicycle there and perhaps work there. Dickinson is one of the top schools for long-term study abroad opportunities; it has an exceptional language program, and also has good connections to the State Department. Merci is drawn to the social justice focus and many progressive historical traditions relating to civil rights and women’s rights. Dickinson has been named one of the top 10 Fulbright-producing liberal arts colleges.

Cole Ruscitti has lined up a number of intriguing opportunities after graduation. He will begin his post-high school experiences working at an auto shop 3 days per week over the summer. He also hopes to help expand his mom’s dog-boarding business, and will continue building furniture, decks, cabinets and fences as he has done in past summers. In September, Cole will travel to Berlin to visit a friend and experience the culture. When he returns from Germany, he may enter into entrepreneurship with an idea or two that is already brewing. Cole may attend college in the future, but will only do so with a clear educational goal in mind.

Lindsay Thompson will head to the west coast to attend Evergreen State College, a school known for its unique interdisciplinary model. Lindsay speaks highly of the active and community-oriented student body and noted that there seems to be a great deal of school pride. She looks forward to leaving her mark on Evergreen. Lindsay is already in touch with the volleyball coach and may play for the Geoducks. Evergreen is ranked very highly in the National Survey of Student Engagement and for its First Year Experiences for freshmen. Evergreen’s focus is on developing the ability to work in teams, communicate effectively, and think critically and creatively. It is one of the Colleges That Change Lives.

Joe Wendy decided on Elon University in North Carolina; with approximately 5,000 students, it is neither too large, nor too small. Joe would like to explore majors, but has considered math, business and sports management.  Elon’s housing is divided into “neighborhoods”; Joe has already chosen his preferred neighborhood, a historic area near the center of campus activities. He is looking forward to participating in the intramural sport offerings. Bloomberg Businessweek ranks Elon’s business program very highly. Elon is one of the nation’s top producers of Fulbright Scholars, and has been named a leader in engaged learning, innovation and fostering a strong sense of community on campus.

Photos: Seniors and other High School student musicians in the CWS Jazz Band perform in the Spring Instrumental Assembly- April 2014