The Bulletin

CWS sponsors Mid-West Eurythmy Group Performances & Workshop

Monday, September 2012

The Mid-West Eurythmy Group is inviting you to celebrate 100 years of Eurythmy!

Friday, October 5-        performance 7:30-9:00pm

Saturday, October 6-   workshop 1:30-4:00pm & performance 7:30-9:00pm

Please come to listen, see and partake of lectures, demonstration workshops and performances over the course of this two day event at Chicago Waldorf School. Tickets are suggested donations: $15 for performances and $30 for the workshop. Please note that the Mid-West Eurythmy Group does not want anyone hindered from attending by financial concerns and that the fees are suggested prices to cover the cost of expenses. For more information please contact Susanne Zipperlen at: 773-728-5282

A few more pedagogical insights; Eurythmy is a discipline of movement, gesture and rhythm connected to speech and tone. It is a unique part of the Waldorf curriculum. The practice of eurythmy helps to refine student's gross and fine motor skills, develop spatial and body awareness and provides a deep connection with the inner nature of music and poetry. In practice it helps develop flexibility and presence of mind. The students’ expressive gestures arise out of the sounds of speech and the tones and intervals. Through learning these gestures the children form an inner connection to the qualities inherent in the elements of language and music, a process which both engages the whole human being whilst supporting the development of linguistic and musical literacy. Eurythmy also works with the polarities of levity and gravity not just physically but essentially through the inner experience of the soul and is therefore more akin to dance than gymnastics. The social capacities of the children are strengthened as they learn to move harmoniously together. Working with the geometric forms and their transitions in three dimensional space help the children to have a more comprehensive experience of the principles of geometric form and cultivate an inner sense of orientation.