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Simpsons turn to Waldorf

Thursday, June 2015

When the school in the Simpsons loses its technology, Lisa Simpson tells the adults about "learning while doing, like they do at a Waldorf School." 


Animation Storyline:  After a scathing math competition defeat, tech bigwigs take pity on Springfield Elementary and outfit the school with all the latest technology. But Principal Skinner’s ineptitude leads to a server farm crash and the school loses all tech, which the students had only used to play computer games anyway.

From there the students learn by doing in tongue-in-cheek fashion—calculating the cubic feet of styrofoam to add to the sloppy joe mix, pouring pints of beer in fractions, wearing required sun hats, and singing songs of acceptance, love and diversity. In the end, their new Waldorf Education helps them win the mathlete rematch by transforming an M into nine non-overlapping triangles.

Writers of the Simpsons certainly made us laugh as they gave a well-crafted shout out to Waldorf Education.

This episode aired May 17, 2015, for the Season 26 Finale, entitled, "Mathlete's Feat."

Watch the episode on YouTube.