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Senior Project Week Quickly Approaching

Friday, February 2013

The twelve-year Waldorf curriculum has been compared to a climb up a spiral staircase inside a tall tower. In first grade the students enter through the ground level door and wind their way upwards. Each year provides a higher window and a different perspective on the outside world. In their senior year, the students arrive at the summit of the tower and step out onto the roof and view the entire vista stretching out far beyond them.

The senior year at a Waldorf school is designed to be a synthesis of the students’ education and a preparation for their next step in life. The curriculum leads the students through a study of the human being’s relationship with the world while synthesizing the high school themes of phenomenological, comparative and analytic thinking.

A highlight of the senior year is the senior project. Towards the end of their junior year, students pick a topic for independent study. Reading and research begins during the summer months and culminates in March of the senior year with an oral presentation before the CWS community. The completed project also includes a research paper and an artistic or technical component. An array of the students’ papers and artistic/technical work is on display in the back of the auditorium throughout Senior Project Presentation Week.

The class of 2013 will present their projects Wednesday, March 6th through Friday March 8th, 2013.   This year also includes a reception on the evening of March 6th and offers an exclusive opportunity for parents and community members to read student papers and see art projects while enjoying light refreshments.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the culmination of many months of work! Lively Q&A sessions follow each presentation. Its a great way to see—and support—the expert knowledge our seniors are sharing with the community.

Senior Projects Week

Wednesday, March 6   

            1:05 pm      Welcome to Senior Projects
            1:15 pm      Maddie Lawson: China’s One Child Policy (Grades 9-12)

            2:00 pm     Claire Matthews: Social Pressures and Teen Suicide (Grades  8-12)

Thursday, March 7

             10:30 am   Rochelle Peterson: World Story:  Folktales  as Human Activity (Grades 3-12)
            11:15 am   Casey Stewart: Dead in the  U.S.A.: American Funeral Practices (Grades 7-12)

             Lunch Break 12:00-1:00 pm

            1:15 pm    
Mateo Patiño: Finding Your Own Temperament 
(Grades 9-12)
            2:00 pm     Eden Finer: Monsters through History and How They Reflect the Fears of Their Culture (6-12)
            2:45 pm     Natalie Good: The Subconscious Mind  (Grades 7-12)

Friday, March 8

            1:15 pm     Yarden Solomon: Yoga: Unifying the Energies (Grades 1-12)
            2:00 pm     Gabrielle Anspach: Ideal Worlds of the Ancients  (Grades 6-12)
            Dinner Break 3:00-6:45 pm

            7:00 pm    Clay Shane: American Dream on the Move (Grades 7-12)
            7:45 pm    Nora Lubin: Civil Rights: The Gay Debate (Grades 7-12)
            8:30 pm    Joanna Northage-Orr: Evolution of Language (Grades 7-12)
            9:15 pm    Closing Ceremonies

Please note that presentation schedule is subject to change. Not all topics are appropriate for children. Please call the High School Office at 773.828.8464 or email Julia Weegar at with questions.