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Senior Presentations Articulate Research & Vision

Chicago Waldorf High School Senior Presentations

Monday-Friday, March 5th–9th with evening presentations on the 8th and 9th

in the Chicago Waldorf School Auditorium

CLICK ON THIS LINK to see the full schedule of Senior Project Presentations with descriptions of each thesis topic and their specific presenter, dates, times and locations.

All members of the CWS community and the public are invited to attend and also participate in the lively Q&A discussion sessions at the end of each presentation.

The senior year at a Waldorf school is designed to be a showcase of the High School students’ education and a preparation for their next step in life. The senior curriculum leads the students through a study of the human being’s relationship with the world while synthesizing phenomenological, comparative and analytical thinking. After picking a topic for independent study by the end of junior year, reading and research begins during the summer and culminates in March with an oral presentation before all high school classmates, faculty, family and friends. A presentation of the students’ papers and artistic or technical work is on formal display in the back of the auditorium throughout the week.

Presentation topics range from Death for Diamonds to Electronic Music and Sampling Culture. You are warmly invited to Senior Project Presentation Week. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the culmination of many months of work!

Submitted by Catherine Herzog on behalf of the High School Faculty