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Seeking Pentathlon Judges

Monday, February 2011

Fifth grade marks an important learning transition from mythology to history. Through study of the ancient Greeks, students develop an appreciation for the balance between skill and beauty, art and science, earthly life and spirituality. In the spring, students participate in a five-event Greek Pentathlon with students from other regional Waldorf schools, allowing them to test their skills in a celebratory environment.

You Be the Judge - Pentathlon 2011 / Volunteer Now!

What is the Waldorf approach to sports and athletics? A great way to experience first-hand this important part of the curriculum is to be a judge at the pentathlon! This year’s pentathlon is in Hartland, Wisconsin from May 11-13, and features almost one hundred 5th graders from 7 schools. The camp is on 500 acres of pine forest; all pentathletes and judges stay overnight in rustic furnished, heated cabins that have fireplaces. You will meet parents and children from other Waldorf schools, watch the events and participate in all social activities.

Pentathlon Judges:

• Communicate Inspiration & gravitas

• Observe dedication, effort, athleticism and concentration

• Evaluate team spirit and fraternity

• Validate the students’ Experience

We are looking for volunteers to be pentathlon judges.
Future and past 5th grade parents welcome!! Past pentathletes, please volunteer!!

Interested? Questions? E-mail Andrea Shaffer or call 773.465.2662 x8323