The Bulletin

Reflecting on Senior Project Presentations

Thursday, March 2011

Imagination. Community. Independence.

These are all aspects of the Waldorf senior curriculum that were effectively demonstrated during this year’s Senior Project Presentation Week. Students each wrote a research paper, developed an artistic/technical project and gave half-hour public presentations on topics ranging from Australian Aboriginal Art to 3-Dimensional Printing. This integration of both academic learning and practical work allowed them to think imaginatively and to see information in both historical and contemporary aspects.

The auditorium acted as a showcase of creative thinking as attendees could travel back to the summer of 1968 and return to contemporary motorcycles all while listening to the calming drops of water echoing from a green flow form. Meanwhile, the seniors demonstrated confidence while presenting their projects and entertaining questions from the audience.

On a daily basis, students, teachers, families and community members were in attendance, all dedicated to supporting the development of these seniors. It was great to see that the seniors did not shy away from their peers, yet asked them for help in the development of their presentations. They used their families for support in their yearlong endeavors. And, they formed strong relationships with their faculty advisors, the mentors that led them along the way.

Apart from strong support, these students were also able to develop themselves as independent beings that are now ready to be active members of society. They have become experts on food and culture, hypnosis, and the Beatles; and the depth of their knowledge was shared with the community in their presentations. Through research, writing, art and participation, these students were able to develop on their own and guide their way through this process. Some seniors have even developed goals to continue future work according to the topics of their presentations.

Seniors, we thank you for a year of hard work and dedication. Everyone in the audience picked up some unique insights and information thanks to you! 

Submitted by Brittany Aller