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Reaching Out: The Body Sense, Language and Social Interaction

Friday, March 2012

A One Day Workshop with Janet Oliver
Saturday, April 21, 9am to 4:30pm

Understand how the body’s physical growth and motor skills development effects cognition and behaviors. This can effect a child’s capabilities for learning and social interactions. Much of what people associate with learning and behavior has a genesis in the workings of the brainstem. This area of the brain holds many of our automatic responses, including our reflexive motor patterns. If these patterns are not effectively integrated into the higher parts of the brain, problems can surface in our body senses, language and social interaction. If the body senses are not strongly integrated, our cognition, language and social development will be affected. Most people can find significant improvement through the approach described. This 6-hour course teaches from the sensory-motor-reflex perspective and gives simple but effective solutions.

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