The Bulletin

Our weekly Bulletin has adopted a new format!

Monday, February 2011

We are excited to introduce the new web-based sound of Thunder which will continue to announce news and promote activities involving the Chicago Waldorf School community. It will include the events calendar and link articles directly to information on the school’s website and other sites.

This website newsletter has many new features and advantages over the previous paper/PDF format. The online format will receive updated information in real time and will have the ability to utilize dynamic media—like slide shows, video presentations, google maps links, and interactive charts. Some of this new mobility includes the opportunity for community members to leave comments and develop discussion threads at the bottom of every article. Please post comments to the articles that you have an opinion about; we’d love to hear from you. Readers will also be able to share the articles through buttons that automatically post the content to social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Digg It, and Yahoo profiles). This feature will also enable viewers—at the touch of a button—to automatically print the bulletin articles or email them to friends.

Rather than simply a one-way communication, the new sound of Thunder becomes a discussion forum in which the community can engage in dialogue and feedback with the school and with the public at large. Additional features—like online polls and surveys embedded in the bulletin—will enable the CWS administration to collect data and hear member perspectives from the community to benefit our long-reach institutional planning.

Besides the value of a dynamic communications tool, our bulletin will generate a more active web presence which will represent our school to the world (as people are increasingly searching the web to learn more about Waldorf education). While all these enhancements provide new opportunities, the bulletin will continue to focus on the essential value of communicating all the great experiences and activities that make our community unique.

So read on, and please enjoy this new reflection of Chicago Waldorf School…

...and please send all feedback about the new format to Jason Greenberg
or you may start a conversation/comments thread in response to this post.