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Our Summer Transition to a New School Building

Thursday, June 2018

Crews of landscapers remove student-carved stones from the Rogers Park campus.

Many people are now familiar with the news that Chicago Waldorf School is moving to a new campus in Andersonville. We open our doors in the Fall at our new building at 5200 N Ashland Avenue (& Foster). But while students are enjoying their vacation with travels and experiences at summer camp, the faculty, staff (and many volunteer parents too!) are assisting the enormous task of sorting, cleaning, packing, eliminating unneeded materials and moving the contents of our school from one location to another. This challenging task has been enabled by the dedication of so many! With the transformation of our school well underway, here are some of the updates on activities that are taking place over this summer:


Parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the school raised almost $300K within 3 hours at the Benefit for the Building on June 9. All funds raised directly support the construction plan and renovations of the Andersonville campus building. The evening program began with a light dinner and remarks from faculty, staff & board members about the signifigance of this transition at this moment in time. The remarks concluded with an auctioneer leading an energetic paddle raise and then a night of celebratory dancing and socializing followed.

THANK YOU to the many supporters who helped meet the evening's goal! CLICK HERE to see a gallery of photographs depicting the attendees and events of the evening. Thanks to everyone who supported our benefit!

Image gallery from the “Benefit for the Building”

CONSTRUCTION CONTINUES- if you missed the benefit but would like to dontate to the ongoing Building Renovations then please make a donation to the Capital Campaign. We thank you for your support!


As of this Thursday, the movers have taken the last of the packed boxes out of the 1300 Loyola building. Classrooms and hallways that once held the energy of hundreds of students now stand quietly waiting.

Above: The Main Office (always a hive of activity) now sits silent
Right Top: The 1st grade classroom has been cleaned

Right Bottom: The Mailroom has been cleared out

The memories of all the children who have come through these halls over the last 20 years is significant. We will miss our old home; a sentiment that was summed up by a final message left on the blackboard of the now empty 1st grade classroom...



CWS hired a crew with a specially equipped hydraulic crane arm to deinstall and move the carved stonework, cement urns and planters that surround the school. The stones were carved by Waldorf students over the years in recurring workshops with long-time Waldorf friend & teacher, the late sculptor Johannes Matthiessen. Johannes led workshops with the children over many years to sculpt and engrave the stones that have adorned the Rogers Park campus. The stonework has been moved to Andersonville and will eventually become part of the new interactive playground area that is being developed for the Early Childhood and 1st-3rd grades in the school's spacious new outdoor yard.

Now turning our gaze from Rogers Park to Andersonville...

 THE ENTIRE SCHOOL has been moved into storage at the Andersonville building...



Classroom walls and offices are being demolished and reconstructued in preparation for our new Waldorf home.

Look for more construction updates to be coming in the following weeks as the renovations' progress continues...

Reported by:

- Jason Greenberg
  Communications Director