The Bulletin

Michaelmas Ushers in New Season of Strength & Fortitude

Friday, September 2013

Michaelmas & the Harvest Festival

Please join us this Friday, September 27th for our community-wide festival

Harvest Festival – 10:30-noon  

For Early Childhood and Parent-Child parents. You are invited to attend with any younger siblings to enjoy the festival’s seasonal crafts and dance to the traditional folk music of Jutta & the Hi Dukes.

Michaelmas Assembly 12:30-2:45  

Begins in the Auditorium, followed by the outdoor Dragon Pageant and singing in the parking lot; then a trip to Albion Beach for dragon sand building and a school-wide relay run.


An Introduction To Michaelmas   by Andrea Shaffer, Gym & Movement Teacher

To understand the approach to festivals in a Waldorf school it is helpful to know that Summer is considered the season of sleep, and Winter the season of wakefulness. In Summer life rises into the hot air while the earth sleeps, just as our dreams take us on adventures while our body lays still. In Winter there is less apparent activity, yet below the earth's surface amazing work is being done. This is why in the Early Childhood, Mother Earth and the gnomes go underground and do their work and reappear in the Spring.


Michaelmas then, is a "re-awakening to the self" after the dreaminess of Summer.

It is a time for conscious action and a time to welcome challenge. This celebration takes a different form each year, but is centered on themes of bravery and acts of physical challenge. We will sing, work and eat together, and ready ourselves for the year of work ahead, as well as prepare for the concentration and reflection that Winter brings. 

As the bright light of summer begins to fade, the colors of the leaves begin to appear, and the wind begins to swirl, our school celebrates Michaelmas and the Harvest Festival each year. Much of the school's celebration is centered around the tale of St. George and the Dragon, and especially on the bravery and strength in the story. We take on other activities (like neighborhood clean-up in teams) for conscious action and to engage in physical challenges as an outer expression of the mental wakefulness we need for the school year ahead. In the Early Childhood the Harvest Festival is a celebration tied to the bounty of the natural world, and is also a preparation for winter and another growing season.                            (photos: 2012 Michaelmas Festival)