The Bulletin

May Fair Returns with Spring Breezes and Family Fun

Tuesday, May 2014

Chicago Waldorf School celebrates the-


Saturday, May 17th, 10:00am-4:00 pm

Free Admission / Open to the public

1300 W. Loyola Ave. / Chicago, IL


The May Fair is an annual outdoor festival that ritually welcomes the Spring, which is traditionally celebrated by Waldorf schools throughout the world. This event engages the students with the larger community and celebrates the spirit in which Waldorf schools nourish and support the child’s connection to nature and the seasonal cycles. May Fair activities range from face-painting to child-made crafts, tie-dyeing, music & singing performances, storytelling and more. The most iconic element of May Fair is the children’s maypole dance that evokes community pride and joy and continues a tradition that was started by celebrants performing in May festivals centuries ago.

Children’s Maypole Dance
(time: 12:00 noon / location: Street Stage)

Often the center of May celebrations, the maypole bears garlands and is a symbol for the growth of new vegetation and spring life. Dancers gather around the pole that is sprawling with greenery and colored ribbons attached to the top. To the accompaniment of traditional music played by our students the 4th graders will walk or skip in opposing directions allowing the strings to intertwine in complex patterns creating a braided weave around the pole.

Activities for All Ages
The Chicago Waldorf School’s annual May Fair features dancing, live entertainment, music, games, food, craft-making, and unique vendors and exhibitors. In addition to the many musicians, poets and performers, the event will feature a lively roster of activities: 


YOUNG KIDS:  bubble wands, roving butterflies, tricycle races, treasure hunt, face painting, storytelling, and more.

OLDER KIDS: obstacle course, bean bag dragon shoot, cake walk, jump rope braiding, gnome archery, and more.

TEENAGERS:  hand henna painting, high school talent show, music performances


•  Great Food and Treats                •  Crafts for All Ages          •  Games and Prizes    

•  Unique Vendors                          •  Live Entertainment         •  Silent Auction   

•  Traditional Maypole Dance        •  Flower Crowns                •  Street Fair / Block Party

Invite your friends (Open to the Public!) by sending them this invitation. Or via our Facebook Event.

Inquiries? Call the Chicago Waldorf School's Main Office  (773.465.2662) or just show up at the Fair!