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Learning Technology: Wielding The Sorcerer’s Wand—                Lecture by Douglas Gerwin

Tuesday, January 2012

in the Chicago Waldorf School Lower Eurythmy Room

Douglas Gerwin, esteemed scholar and emissary for Waldorf education, will present a cultural and pedagogical perspective on the value of technology within Waldorf curriculum. This topic has been receiving a lot of network media attention recently and is at the core of a national dialogue that is being led by schools in the Waldorf movement.

So what is the value of technology in a student's learning? As Mr. Gerwin states, “Recent studies show technology works like a drug. As with any drug, it can either help by speeding up and bolstering vital processes, or it can take over the very functions it was designed to assist. In the first case, technology behaves like a dutiful apprentice to the sorcerer. In the second case, the apprentice becomes the sorcerer. How do we educate our students so that they are able to wield the sorcerer's wand without falling under its spell?” Come listen to this eminent spokesperson to find out, and stay for active community discussion after the presentation.

Douglas GerwinDouglas Gerwin Ph.D., Director of the Center for Anthroposophy, has taught history, literature, German, music, and life science at high school and university levels since 1983. He presently divides his time between adult education and teaching in various North American Waldorf schools. Douglas is the founder of the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program at the Center for Anthroposophy and editor of several books related to Waldorf education.