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Learn About The Middle School Curriculum

Sunday, January 2012

When students move to the upstairs classrooms in the middle school, the changes go beyond the location of the classroom. Life, as any parent or teacher can attest, gets messier, louder and more complicated. The challenges are enormous and so are the rewards—and good communication between home and school is more important than ever.

Meeting the Adolescent through the Middle School Curriculum
Wednesday, February 8th, 7:00-9:00 pm -  Lower Eurythmy Room

Please join us for this night of instructive presentations which will explore the ways our school supports students as they make their entry into the teen years, and prepares them for high school.


  • Carol Triggiano: Child Development and Language Arts
  • John Trevillion: Math and Science
  • Nancy Szymanski: The Arts
  • Andrea Shaffer and Janine Moore: Athletic Program (curricular and extra-curricular offerings)

These speakers will provide insight into the Middle School curriculum including covering these questions:

• How does our developmental curriculum meet the needs of the young adolescent?

• What programs and extra curricular activities are added in the middle school years?

• How do we offer individualized and appropriately objective feedback to the older grade school students?

• How do Middle School students face practical challenges and offer service to the school and wider community?

Distinctive (New) Features of the Middle School Experience:

Student's Individual Responsibility (engage academic planners, homework, study skills, test prep). Perspective on Use of Technology (mechanical/analogue technology and digital tech/computers). Individualized Instruction, Feedback and Assessments (in student-teacher communications). Faculty teaching in areas of specialization (guest teachers in specialized blocks). Year long skills class in language arts and math. Advanced level math track starting in 8th grade. Potential for advanced placement in math and foreign language. Block exams and Standardized testing. Detention (engaging in responsibility, consequence and service to the school)

Extra-Curricular Activities in the Middle School:

Competitive sports (team dynamics, coaching, city-wide league play). Middle School dance at the British School (inter-school socializing). Class plays performed for whole school (public presentation to the entire community). More challenging class trips with ambitious scope (longer span and deeper pedagogical focus). Clubs: Math Club, Circus Club, Rocket Club (choice of focused intra-school social, extra-curricular options). Social Service and Applied Practicums: Recycling Program, Pizza/burrito Lunch Program, 7th Graders host 8th Grade Graduation, Fund raising for class trips and for humanitarian projects and organizations.