The Bulletin

High School Prom 2017: a Night to Celebrate!

Sunday, May 2017

The Chicago Waldorf High School Prom is a celebration for ALL the grades in the High School. Its a revelatory night: the seniors are focused on their future plans even as they reflect on all the past experiences that led them to this point. They enjoy this signature event marking their last days at CWS, while the 11th grade plans and hosts the event, the 10th grade observes and prepares for their hosting duties for the following year, and the 9th grade experiences the thrill of a new social introduction.

Capping the end of a beautiful and bustling May Fair, the students went home after staffing their shifts to prep and get ready for the prom. Much primping, preening and planning went into their "presentation of self," so here we are happy to present these photos of our High School students. All pride and smiles: it truly was a night for the students to enjoy...and one we will remember!

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