The Bulletin

High Schooler, Talia Adams in Cindy Bandle Young Critics Program

Friday, February 2013

Waldorf students experience a diverse and artistic education. From community service to class plays, we call on students to exercise their ability to engage with the world critically and artistically outside of the classroom.  Talia Adams is a high school junior who has been at CWS since kindergarten. This year, Talia was accepted to the Cindy Bandle Young Critics Program at the Goodman Theater.

The Cindy Bandle Young Critics Program is offered by the Goodman in partnership with the Association for Women Journalists. The competitive program is open only to high school junior women, and introduces young women to theater criticism, and the world of professional writing.  Young women enrolled in the program meet two Saturdays a month to engage in discussion, writing, critiques, and interviewing techniques.  Participants also receive press opening tickets to every production of the Goodman’s season, experience one-on-one mentoring from professional journalists, and interview artists associated with the Goodman.

Talia became involved with the program at the urging of high school English teacher, Barbara Huckabay. “It sounded interesting because I love theater and writing,” Talia reflects. In order to be accepted, she had to submit a review of a movie or show she had seen recently, along with a letter of intent. The basis for acceptance is excellent writing skills and a strong interest in theater.

Talia shares how the writing process works. After attending press night at the Goodman, she writes a review of the play and sends it to the Goodman Theater for review. She also sends it to her mentor who corrects it and revises it along with Talia. Once the final draft is edited, it is posted to the Goodman Theater’s blog.  The students hone interview skills by practicing interviewing their mentors, and are constantly exercising their writing skills. “I think this will help me with my Senior Project,” Talia shares. “I am definitely learning how to voice my opinions and practice vocabulary and word usage. Waldorf helps me with this a lot. We do a lot of writing assignments in English and Morning Lessons, and this has helped enhance my writing vocabulary and ability to write strong thesis statements.”

“I’m not necessarily going into journalism,” says Talia. “But this will help me if I decide to go into theater.  I am learning a lot from closely watching shows, and love the behind-the-scenes look at the productions that I am getting.”

For more information on the Cindy Bandle Program and the Goodman Theater, visit their website.