The Bulletin

Halloween Brings Many Treats for the CWS community

Tuesday, November 2012

Every Halloween students and faculty arrive at Chicago Waldorf School decked in elaborate costumes. However, unlike traditional Trick-or-Treating, CWS invites students to dress in a handmade or self-created costume that reflects the stories they have heard so far that year.

This October 31st, the school community delighted in seeing the Fifth Grade’s “Holy Cow” tableau, the Fourth Grade’s Norse gods and warriors, and the many knights, animals, pirates, and other legendary creatures that crossed the stage. Enjoy the accompanying slideshow (to the right) to see many more of our students costumed creations.

(Click on main image to see enlargement and then click the arrows on right & left sides to scroll through the slides).

Meanwhile our youngest Early Childhood students enjoy the tradition of a tour through Mother Goose's Garden--a series of nursery rhyme tableaus put on by the 7th grade students.

Halloween lives in the festival life of Chicago Waldorf School as a chance for students to transform themselves into a character or myth that pertains to their lives. As each class assumed the stage to offer a song or dance, the CWS community experienced the entire curriculum of grades 1-8 in a dynamic, colorful, and exciting way.

Perhaps most exciting this year was the 8th grade class, who dressed up as important 20th century icons. Barack Obama was joined on stage by the Allstate Insurance Mayhem Man and members of the Armed Forces. The 8th grade was led by our very own Ms. Triggiano, Mr. Robert Wilson, Mr. Jacob Wilson, and Ms. Elena Baba – who on second glance turned out to be very convincing student doppelgangers!