The Bulletin

From the CWS Board of Trustees

Monday, March 2011

Summary of January Board Meeting

The January Board of Trustees meeting focused on a wide range of operational and strategic topics. Administrative Director Luke Goodwin reported to the Board on administrative, enrollment, marketing and development topics, including the applications and expectations for next year’s 1st and 9th grades; the successful response to the new high school scholarship; details on the search and final choice for the school’s new Director of Marketing and Communications; and updates on the Gala, May Fair and upcoming alumni events. The Finance Committee introduced a new budget variance report to the Board, and the Audit, Governance and Strategic Planning committees gave updates on their activities.

Notable discussions included how the school will assure parents of its commitment to reinstating faculty salaries and pensions with the critical assistance of a successful Gala and Annual Fund. College Chair Carol Triggiano presented the Waldorf approach to teaching reading, distinguishing between decoding and comprehension – the latter being the far more difficult skill to learn – and explaining how the capacities for comprehension are awakened through storytelling. And finally, trustees engaged in a review of Board operations and its progress toward its annual goals. Trustees voiced strong approval of the Board tasks accomplished thus far and the leadership and engagement shown toward those goals. Board Chair Mike Motyka ended the meeting with a call for bold trustee leadership in soliciting gifts and in giving fully, generously and without conditions.

Minutes from the January Board meeting will be available after approval on March 22. All prior 2010-2011 Board meeting minutes are available for viewing at the Main Office.

The Board will be holding its next meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 7:00 pm. Interested parents, faculty and staff may request to attend by notifying the Board Chair, Mike Motyka at at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting (that is, by March 20). Submitted by Sylvie Desouches, Board Secretary