The Bulletin

First Grade “Readiness”: An EC Mom’s Reflection

Monday, May 2014

A parent perspective by Cin Salach, CWS Early Childhood Parent

My son has been a Sweet Pea for three years. For three years I have bought slippers in increasing sizes, packed his cubby sack with extra layers, negotiated snowsuits and mittens and many wee ones in various states of morning readiness, then returned at noon to pick him up and see his shining face.

Every morning I enter the Early Childhood hallway, smell whatever’s baking, wonder whose birthday it is if there is popcorn in the air, and check the chalkboard to see what’s coming up….it’s a pretty wonderful way to start the day.

I have to admit, I feel like we don’t really have to wake up completely to go to school right now…we snuggle with smoothies (him) and coffee (me) until it’s time to put on clothes and coats …but we tell stories the whole time…sing…wonder if we’ll get there before or after the EC door is unlocked….

So, on the night we met his teacher-to-be a few weeks ago, I realized, this is serious. Next fall, he’ll be GOING TO SCHOOL. That means I will have to wake up a bit too! There is a more formal good morning in the air. Doors open at 7:30.  He won’t need slippers. We might really have to brush our teeth as opposed to just eating an apple in the car. He’ll be there until 3! Whoa.



   “I am nervous.
     But sooooo excited.
     Which is exactly how
     Leo is feeling.”


Every once in a while he’ll ask about first grade and say either “I can’t wait!” or “I think I am going to stay in kindergarten forever.” Nothing in between. Then I remind him we have months of kindergarten left so let’s just be in kindergarten. Let’s sew puppets and build things for the gnomes in the side yard. Because then there’s an entire summer. And then….

Then, there is the most amazing first grade teacher waiting for you Leo….I’ve met her…she is such an incredible story-teller…and there will be letters waiting too…and numbers….. knitting…and new games…. Spanish…. German….and then…afternoons at the playground with the second graders… Yes! Your old pals from EC! And as I’m telling him this, both of our eyes are shining….and you know, I really believe by the time September rolls around, we will both be ready for first grade. --

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