The Bulletin

Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble Performs at CWS

Friday, March 2014

We have a very unique opportunity this Friday from the Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble. Come join us for children-focused day performances and an adult evening performance from this exceptional ensemble.


The Tide Is Turning
Friday March 28th    /   7:30-9:00pm        in the auditorium 

This full evening program (for adults and grades 7-12 grade students) opens dramatically with a speech piece inspired by Chief Seattle calling us to awaken to our responsibility to this earth and to our fellow human beings. An accompanying tone piece, Bela Bartok in Memoriam by Gyorgy Ligeti deepens this call - and continues to develop through Sweet Honey in the Rock by E. Ethelbert Miller, music by Kurtag and ESV's pianist, Marcus Macauley and Wild Geese by Mary Oliver.

The program continues with light tone pieces, humorous pieces of poetry, and a lovely colorful piece by Dmitri Shostakovich, Op. 87 Prelude & Fugue No. 7 in A major. The program ends with an inspiring poem by Hilda Doolittle and a glorious closing with Ballade in G minor by Frederic Chopin.
             -  No admission fee; donations gratefully accepted at the door

Karen and Mark Lohss (alumni parents) are making the Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble performances at our school possible through a generous gift.  Also come see our Waldorf alumni and faculty perform: Averi Lohss, a CWS alum, and Elsa Macauley, an Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program graduate, are both members of the company.