The Bulletin

End of Year Reflection from the Enrollment Office

Wednesday, June 2012

As the 2012-13 enrollment season winds down, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the many students, teachers and parents who welcomed and supported our prospective families this year. Each of us plays a unique role in describing the value of Waldorf education, and we find that building enrollment in CWS is best achieved through the enthusiastic and collective efforts of the community. This year was another fine example of this work.

First and foremost, we thank our inspiring and dedicated high school student ambassadors: Malcolm Collins, Juan Correa, Claudia King, Sarah Lavin-Burgher, Jeremy Marder, Fiona Masterton, Claire Matthews, Torii Maysonet, Bianca Moreno, Merci Randolph, Elijah Teague, Joe Wendy and Wilny Wilkerson. Together, with the help of Anyah Akanni, Michael Chungbin, Lauren Dubendorf, Natalie Good, Isaiah Hasselquist, Helena Joho, Auset Muhammad, Iris Pavelic, Jenna Rogers, Augie Verciglio, and Becca Wright, they hosted 43 visitors as well as our own 7th & 8th graders.

Many thanks to Anyah Akanni, Armel Cazedepats, Liam Lundy, and Yarden Solomon for joining the student ambassadors in supporting seven tours and orientations. We are also grateful to Camille Dozier, Roman Scott, Augie Verciglio and particularly Keven Henley for their musical gifts.

Each of us plays a unique role in describing the value of Waldorf education, and [this] is best achieved through the enthusiastic and collective efforts of the community.

Thank you to all members of the Enrollment Committee, and especially Susan Mudd, Katherine Rogers, Rebeca Itzkowich and Lauren Pilgrim for their leadership and extraordinary commitment. Lastly, we appreciate the efforts of the all the parent volunteers who provided support for enrollment: Catherine Boyce, Karen Brennan, Megan Cummins, Dawn Hall, Jennifer Davis, Christy Galyon, Cheryl Henley, Corey Hirsch, Margaret Hock-Koehler, Maria Luz, Clifton Muhammad, Lisa Rekstad, Judy Shaver-Chungbin, Genie Tan, Sarah Wellington, Christine Wendy, Kelly & Cosmin Vrajitoru, and Jennifer Zumann.

To all our wonderful volunteers, THANK YOU for your generosity and commitment to Chicago Waldorf School!

The bounties of this good work are best expressed in the words of prospective parents:

- The grade school and high school students were so polite and enthusiastic. It was lovely to see children so positive about their school.

- I was very much impressed with CWS. What I told my wife after the visit best expresses my experience: “If I had founded a school myself I would have done very few things differently.”

- This is exactly what my child needs. No worries about challenge for college prep – much more interested in providing an overall integrated and enriching education for my child. I couldn’t be more committed to having my daughter attend Chicago Waldorf.

- I was impressed by the students themselves. They seem very outgoing and well rounded. Very warm welcoming, very well organized, very informative. The organizers addressed all questions we had. What I most liked was going to the classrooms, talking with the 6th grade students and listening to the high school students.

- I got a sense of the richness and depth of a Waldorf education from the wonderful teachers I saw and heard. I was impressed by the engaged atmosphere in the classroom.The cellist playing in the foyer was a lovely touch also.

- We were thoroughly impressed with students’ support and concern for each other as well as the affection and esteem with which they hold CWS.

Submitted by the Admissions Committee: Susan Bruck, Barbara Huckabay, Lisa Payton, Lauri Sullivan, Jennifer Zielinski.
Photographs are of handmade enamelled copper sculptures created by our current seniors when they were in 11th grade.