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CWS Parent/Artist Installs Collaborative Art Project

Monday, June 2011

THE WORLD AS TEXT: A Summer Reading Room

A process documented installation directed by John Preus
at Columbia College Center for Book & Paper Arts / 1104 S. Wabash Avenue, Suite 200

“writerly text is ourselves writing, before the infinite play of the world is traversed, intersected, stopped, plasticized by some singular system (Ideology, Genus, Criticism) which reduces the plurality of entrances, the opening of networks, the infinity of languages”  -Roland Barthes

The Installation will unfold as a process piece. John explains the activity in his own words:

"Beginning with 2nd-hand desks, office chairs, and other implements of reading and writing, the Reading Room will be built and designed by a team of students responding to literary terminology, theory and history as a point of departure for building discreet physical objects and environments.

All speech can be considered a form of quotation, more or less successful attempts to authentically inhabit an existing collection of terms, clichés, and ready-to-hand expressions. Imagining the built environment as a set of inscriptions upon an inherited landscape, the Reading Room explores the complex interdependencies of language and form."  -John Preus

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All members of the CWS community are invited to attend the opening and collateral programming:

Thursday, June 16: 5-8PM- Opening Reception

Tuesday, June 21: 6-8PM- Panel Discussion / On Furniture
Is the relationship between art and craft a collusion, a collision, a collaboration or a constellation? Depends on who you ask. For the panelists in On Furniture, unpacking the well-crafted object is at once an intellectual, conceptual and formal project.

With a focus on productive dialogue that addresses this subject from multiple angles, panelists will
address furniture, artists’ books, contemporary craft, designed objects and architecture. Panelists:  John Preus, Shannon Stratton, Lane Relyea, others TBA

Saturday, July 16: 3-5- Music
Hear music by John Preus, Matthew Joynt, Theaster Gates, Sarah Lawrence, special guests TBA.

Tuesday, July 19: 6PM- Curator Tour
Led by Jessica Cochran, Curator of Exhibitions and Programs

Readings, performances and panels on topics related to the art and craft of books, the interpretive act of reading and the world as text.

Thursday, June 30: 6-8PM- Panel Discussion
Re-Reading the Artist’s Book, an artists’ book show and tell featuring guest curators.