The Bulletin

CWS Opens its Arms for the Spring Eurythmy Festival

Monday, May 2013

Thursday , May 9th evening 7:00-8:30pm CWS Auditorium

Open to the Public / See our Grade School, Middle School & High School performers

Please join us for the annual Spring Eurythmy Festival in which students from the 4th thru 11th grades perform for the assembled students, faculty, staff, parents and their invited guests.

Eurythmy is a performing art that has been developed as part of traditional Waldorf curriculum into pedagogical movement classes. Pedagogical Eurythmy uses graceful movement that arises out of the human being’s physiology, soul and higher self and is expressed not only through movement in space but also as meaningful gestures that incorporate hand, arm and body positions with flowing complex coordinated patterns of movement in groups. As core elements of the curriculum, Eurythmy presentations are an expression of language, and the inner experience of poetry and music.

Please come see our students present their latest levels of study in the Eurythmy program.

This year's Spring festival will include:

- the 4th grade performing a piece inspired by their studies of Norse Mythology and based on the poem,
 "Forge Me With Fire"

- another group of 4th graders will perform with copper rods to the "Sonnen Übung (Sun Ray exercises),"
  with German music composed by Carla Ritchie, followed by a Eurythmy presentation incorporating
"The Walls of Asgard."

-the entire 5th grade will perform eurythmy to the poem "The Fountain" written by James Russell Lowell, and
 accompanied by a music prelude composed by Leopold Van Der Pals.

- a group from the 6th grade will perform their Eurythmy to the poem "Akbar's Hymn To The Sun" by Lord Alfred
  Tennyson and accompanied by a Hebridean song (from the Western Islands of Scotland).

-and a second group of 6th graders will perform to "A Song of King Arthur's Castle" by A.C. Harwood accompanied
 by "Music for Transition of Diamonds" also composed by Leopold Van Der Pals.


Come enjoy and support the students in our Eurythmy program; which remains one of the most unique, traditional and quintessential art forms in Waldorf education!