The Bulletin


On Tuesday, October 15th, the administration will be sending home Chicago Waldorf School car magnets as part of the school’s annual fund kick off. This year’s annual fund, Done By 31, starts next Tuesday and ends on Tues., December 31, 2013. You have 11 weeks to make your Annual Fund gift or pledge. Pledge payments are due on June 30, 2014. Our annual fund goal is $160,000 with 100% parent, Trustee, faculty and staff participation.

What’s new about Annual Fund 2013-2014?

• 11 week vs. 9 month Annual Fund campaign

• Monthly giving option

• Focus on matching gifts

• In Honor of/In Memory of giving

You’ll learn about these new initiatives through emails, notes, telephone calls and Voices articles. Please read each document carefully and know that the annual fund is the core of the school’s fundraising initiatives.
The annual fund supports EVERYTHING at the Chicago Waldorf School from turning on the lights each morning to increased teacher compensation, from an enriched Waldorf-inspired curriculum to tuition adjustment and everything in between. Know that every gift made shows the donor’s commitment to CWS.
A tax-deductible annual fund gift makes a difference in the lives of our students and, through academics, allows them to reach their full potential.

Eager to give now? Contact Alexa Markoff at 773.828.8458 or by email at