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Monday, June 2013

Waldorf Students Rebuild Homes Lost in Hurricane Katrina

In May the 10th grade (pictured above) traveled to New Orleans to work with the St. Bernard Project, a non-profit whose mission is to rebuild homes destroyed by Katrina.  The students worked on all aspects of the dry wall phase, including measuring, cutting, and installing drywall, and mudding and floating the screws and seams.  Some students also tore down and replaced siding, and cut and installed floor and door molding.  For many of the students the most rewarding aspect of the trip was being able to meet the homeowners whose house they were working on and who have been displaced since the hurricane. This 10th grade field trip is part of the service learning component of all High School class trips.


-Sarah Surrain, (Barbara Huckabay's daughter) and CWS alum, has been accepted into Harvard's masters program in education. She's also received their "Urban Scholars Award," a prestigious full tuition scholarship. Congrats to Sarah and her family!

-Illan Ireland, (Rebeca Itzkowich and John Ireland’s son) and a CWS 8th grade alumnus,  has teamed up with friends Ana and Emily Schcolnik to offer a Spanish Immersion Summer Camp. The camp, which meets in Lovelace Park, Evanston, encourages academic engagement with a variety of games that will strengthen and build skills in an immersive Spanish language environment. Please contact Ana and Emily Schcolnik at


-We'd like to send a big thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with the 2013 Annual Fund Phone-a-thon. We are grateful for your hard work and passion to reach our Annual Fund goal! Phone-a-thon Participants included David Blood, Federico Simone, Lisa Rekstad, Lisa Itamura, Valerie Colis, Mary Motyka, Clara Bonaccorsi, and Katie Dahlaw.