The Bulletin

CWS Alumni Profile – Dr. Aurora Hart

Monday, December 2012

Dr. Aurora Hart has deep ties to the Chicago Waldorf School. She began her Waldorf education at the age of three in the Early Childhood Program. She attended CWS through 8th grade, and graduated from Mr. Starzynski’s class in 1994. She graduated from Evanston Township High School and went on to receive her B.S. in Biology and Psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

In 2008 Aurora received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She now works as an associate dentist at Brighton Park Dental Center on the southwest side of Chicago.

In 2009 Aurora married fellow CWS alumnus Michael Hart. In 2011 they welcomed their first child, Wade Hart, into the world. The Hart family currently resides in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood.

“Overall, the most important skill that I took from my Chicago Waldorf School experience was the essential ability, desire and will to learn.”

Dr. Hart credits CWS with much of her success. “My time at Waldorf played an incredibly vital role in my development both as a person and as a professional,” she says.  “My Waldorf education gave me a confidence and self-assurance that can be difficult to cultivate in young people, especially young women.  I was able to make strong emotional connections to my teachers and classmates that made my learning environment feel more like a home and less like a classroom.  School was always a safe place where I was comfortable being myself.”

Dr. Hart also recognizes the unique role of her Waldorf education in her current work as a dentist.  “While at CWS I was always drawn to the arts, particularly handwork and clay modeling.  I was a very busy and active child, and both of these classes required me to slow down and really focus.  The fine motor skills and artistic eye that these activities helped to develop continue to serve me well as a dentist.”

“Overall, the most important skill that I took from my CWS experience by far was the essential ability, desire and will to learn,” says Dr. Hart of her experience as a student in a Waldorf classroom. “The abilities and strong will to learn that Waldorf cultivated served me well and helped me to adjust to a large high school and a challenging college career.”

“My Waldorf education gave me a deep confidence and self-assurance that can be difficult to cultivate in young people...”

When asked about how she became interested in becoming a dentist, Dr. Hart says that “my decision to enter the dental profession was strongly affected by my desire to combine a love of both science and the arts.  Every day in my career I get to put both my scientific knowledge and my artistic eye to use while helping the individuals in the community that I serve. I feel lucky to have found a profession that brings me such joy and satisfaction every day.”