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Crafting in Community / Things That You Want to Learn

Friday, March 2012


Did you know that you could look up Waldorf Doll on Wikipedia? Or you can buy one on Amazon, Etsy, or EBay?
But to a child, nothing is the same as a doll that you made yourself. So what does a bit of cotton knit, some tubular gaze, a bit of dental floss and some wool yarn add up to? Your own doll creation and lots of enjoyment in the making of it. Master doll-maker Maureen Flannery is teaching doll making every Tuesday morning from 8:15–noon in the nursery room in Early Childhood. This workshop will run until at least May Fair. Cost for supplies $100, or free if you donate your doll to Care to Share for our fundraising at May Fair. Anyone can make a doll; no previous sewing experience is necessary! So please join our growing circle of handworkers and learn a new skill or just enjoy making another doll.
Questions? Call Dru Muskovin at 773-677-5557.


Question: So what do you get when you rub 2 sticks together with some wool yarn?
Answer: A hat or mittens or a scarf or a cowl or a sweater or socks...the list is as endless as knitting is addictive. It is also a trend that can be as calming as a cup of chamomile tea or a good excuse to catch up on your favorite PBS shows. So don’t you want to learn? Here is your chance: From March through the end of the school year Megan Cummins, "knitter extraordinaire," assisted by the "knitting addicted" Lisa Rekstad will be teaching knitting every Thursday morning from 8:15–noon in the nursery room in Early Childhood.

To get started, here is a list of supplies:
•  size US 8, 24″ circular needles (wooden would be great)
•  worsted weight yarn, 180+ yards, wool, your favorite color
•  patience
•  sense of humor
•  cookies
•  errrr…. more cookies

If you already know how to knit, please come anyway.
The more folks sitting around the table the more fun
and the more we share our skills!
Questions? Call Megan at 773-640-6766.