The Bulletin

Come see the 12th Grade Eurythmy Performances

Monday, February 2011

We invite you to this year’s 12th grade eurythmy performances. The program is a medley of poetry and music, expressed in movement. The students’ selections for the program will include: Native American Indian poems, Shostakovich, poetry by Kathleen Raine, music by Brahms and Debussy, poetry by William Ernest Henley and others. The students will present solos and duets that have been developed with hard work and determined focus over the last few months. And, of course, Matilda the naughty girl has promised to make an appearance!

Come enjoy Naughty Matilda’s special Valentine’s refreshments for the eurythmy performances. In the hope of winning your hearts—and presence—for the performances she is creating special Valentines gift bags for sale. Give them as gifts to charm your own Valentine!

12th Grade Eurythmy Performances in February

February 10th at 10:45 AM . . . . . . . .  All performances are at the school auditorium.
February 11th at   7:00 PM
February 12th at   4:00 PM

For more information, contact Susanne Zipperlen. Please come and celebrate this amazing program!