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Parent Profile: Chuck Ginsberg Explains His Connection to Waldorf

Friday, December 2012

Chuck Ginsberg is parent to seventh-grader Ultra-Violet Archer. Chuck and his wife Hazel enrolled Ultra-Violet in Early Childhood where Chuck became a PTO representative. Chuck says that “I didn’t know it when I first came to Chicago Waldorf School, but I have always been a Waldorf person.” As a parent, Chuck sees the possibilities of a culture of philanthropy that supports our students, families, and community. As a realtor, Chuck donates 10% of his commission to the Chicago Waldorf School each time a Waldorf family uses his services. Here are his personal thoughts on the value of giving to the school...

I treasure how Waldorf cherishes childhood and teaches a love of learning…it is powerful to see this education supporting our children on so many levels.

The first time I walked in the doors of a Waldorf School, I felt as though I was home. I treasure how Waldorf education cherishes childhood and teaches a love of learning. Understanding child development and observing the individual needs of each child is really amazing. I love the well-rounded education that our kids get. It is a beautiful sight to see how proud the first graders are when they knit their own hat, but I also see how Waldorf gives them the experience of being proud, shows them that creating something takes time and work, and strengthens their coordination and will. It is really powerful to see this education supporting our children on so many levels.

A few years ago I took a summer class on the book and story of Parzival, which was very difficult to read. I knew if an 11th grade CWS student could read it, I could too. When I was young, I learned I couldn't sing and that I didn't have any musical ability. But then in my late 40’s, Mr. Spade, the music teacher, showed me I did have a singing voice—we all have a singing voice—but some people are more naturally gifted than others. At 52, I started playing trumpet; again, if a 5th grade Waldorf student can learn to play trumpet, then I can too. To see the activities the kids do inspires me to try new things, which has enriched my life.

Education is a way to change our country and our world. We need citizens who can creatively problem solve, think critically, and who have the desire to help others. I give to the Annual Fund so the Chicago Waldorf School can continue its mission of educating free-thinking and strong-willed students. As a realtor, I donate 10% of my commission, to the Annual Fund or to the Endowment, for each Waldorf family that uses my services. It seems logical that our community would support each other in this manner. If we believe our kids are better prepared to face the world because of their education, then we owe it to them to build a community that supports each other. We need to educate our community and reinforce a message of philanthropy. Look at the labor of love our teachers demonstrate—I want to support them financially, so they can focus on their life’s work.

“Being involved with the Chicago Waldorf School as a parent has shown me the remarkable depth of what our children learn – and educates me as well.”

It gives my life meaning to work towards leaving more than a million dollars to a cause that I believe is vital.  Our school does a great job envisioning the education of our students and meditating on our children, but who meditates on our financial abundance?  As a real estate investor, I see the power of creating recurring monthly income. With that thought in mind, I hope to inspire our school to creatively build recurring income.  By envisioning a culture of philanthropy and supporting the Chicago Waldorf School through annual giving, we create a community that is abundant and connected.  We will give this educational gift to generations, if we intend it...”


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