The Bulletin

Chicago Waldorf School Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

Friday, September 2012

This year as we open our doors to new and returning students, we are happy to welcome several new and returning faculty and staff members to the community as well!

Christina Assirati steps in to the role of lead Early Childhood Teacher in the Early Childhood Nursery, with Amanda Barron joining us as her assistant. Karen Hallman returns as an Early Childhood Assistant Teacher in Ms. Matson’s Early Childhood Classroom.

In the Grade School Megan Rotko is the new 1st grade teacher who has just welcomed her students into the school at the Rose Ceremony. Patricia Holdrege returns from her year long sabbatical and resumes as the Grade School Handwork and Gardening Teacher. As John Trevillion leaves for his sabbatical, Nancy Melvin steps into the role of Interim 5th Grade Class Teacher until his return.

Sylvie Desouches is the new Grade School Music Teacher and Music Program Coordinator. Sylvie is joined by Seth Houston as the new High School Vocal Music Teacher, Jeremy Sheehan as the Guitar II teacher, and Michael Taylor as the African Drumming Instructor.

In the High School Kelsey DeWitte and Rob Welcher join the math faculty.  Meg Rich, a familiar face as our former Main Office Manager will now be serving as a High School Humanities Teacher.

Phoebe Cape serves in the role of Main Office Manager, while Julia Weegar will be the High School Office Manager. CWS alum Dennis Robles returns to the school as our Afternoon/Evening Main Office Manager.

Our new Development Director is Alexa Markoff. She is joined by former High School Office Manager and CWS alum, Catherine Herzog who is the new Development and Marketing Associate. Erin Mendoza continues as our interim Grade School Office Manager.

Please welcome all these wonderful folks to our school as you get familiar with these newest members of the faculty & staff.