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Chicago Waldorf School: Caring and Action Around the World…

Monday, April 2012

There is an engaged participating perspective at the heart of Waldorf education: and it is reflected in one of our school’s core values about Community: “We respect the dignity of each person and aspire to be a diverse, healthy and collaborative community. We apply Waldorf education in ways relevant to our time and place, and we inspire our students to reach out to the world in engaged inquiry and service.”  Care to Share (CTS) initiatives at Waldorf grow out of the school’s mission and support this core value. The Care To Share Committee would like to update our community about all of the exciting international projects that we are working on. Thanks to our community’s generous support, Care to Share has raised $3,500 to date this school year!

Caring for Guatemala from 2nd Grade

Nancy Szymanski’s 2nd grade with support from Early Childhood Assistant Caitlin Flannery will be corresponding with Escuela Caracol. This Waldorf school is located in the valley of San Marcos La Laguna in the department of Sololá, Guatemala.
The school is in need of basic supplies as they strive to serve the indigenous community. Care To Share will be sending them $500 this month.

Seeds to Goats to Water Buffalo from 3rd Grade

Susie Poole’s 3rd grade―after collectively fundraising by preparing seeds for sale―poured over the Heifer catalog, and chose to purchase two goats and a water buffalo! Their beautifully packaged biodynamic seeds are being shared with all new families that visit CWS. Now is the time to plant the seeds you picked up in the Care to Share room at the Holiday Fair.

Supplies to South Africa from 4th and 5th Grades

Lara Brackett’s 4th grade and Karen Hartz’s 5th grade are still busily sharing news, photos and drawings with the McGregor Waldorf School in South Africa. Care To Share has been working with McGregor for 7 years. We will be sending $2,000 to their 4th and 5th grade for supplies and educational support. A recent newsletter reminded us “More than 90% of our families can only contribute a small amount towards the cost of educating their children.” Our dollars mean so much to this school.

Cartwheels for Kenya

Meshu Tamrat of CWS Circus Club fame will be purchasing $500 of circus supplies that will be shared between his newly formed Nairobi Social Circus and the Mbagathi Rudolf Steiner School in Nairobi, Kenya. Meshu recently volunteered and lived at the school and formed a close bond with the students and the school. Some of the students are boarders and have lost their parents to HIV-AIDS. We are hoping that one of the grade school classes will pickup sponsorship of Meshu’s initiatives in the Kibera slum or students at the Mbagathi school and that correspondence with the Nairobi students could start.

You Can Share Too! Just up the block at XORO...

How can you support the Care to Share work of our students, faculty and committee? Look for our CWS parent, faculty and staff and student hand-crafted items in Xoro, a CWS parent owned boutique down the street at 1228 W. Loyola. They have all kinds of treasures plus CTS goodies from learn to knit kits to play silks and dolls. Hours are W, Th, Fri 12-6, Sat 11-3. So please stop in, do some shopping and support our global initiatives as we strive toward our goal of becoming an international Waldorf school.

Join the Care To Share Community in school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Join the Care To Share community with the doll-making workshop on Tuesday mornings and needle felting and other handwork and crafting projects on Thursday mornings. We will be meeting from 8:15 – noon in the nursery classroom in Early Childhood. And we will be having a table of handcrafted goodies at the May Fair! Or thank our faculty and students for looking out into the wider world.

...Be a member of Care to Share!

Call or email us today. If you have any questions or would like to join our workshops or make a donation please contact; Laura Donkel, 773-435-2662,, Margaret McGuire,, or Dru Muskovin, 773-772-4005, Thank you for Caring and Sharing!


True abundance is not in what we keep. It is in what we are able to give away to empower the values and visions we hope will shape the future. It is about legacy. It is about making a difference. It is about keeping the energy moving.

-Rev. Linda Weaver Horton