The Bulletin

Care To Share Makes Plans and a Call for Volunteers

Thursday, September 2012

Come to our next organizational meeting: We are looking for volunteers!

Care to Share is looking for parent volunteers to help engage students, parents, and faculty with the larger worldwide Waldorf Community this school year. Founded as a parent initiative many years ago, Care to Share has become a significant part of school community and is now seeking new parents to bring their creativity, vision, and leadership to the group. Care to Share is a school wide committee that connects our CWS community with other Waldorf schools cooperating in support initiatives around the globe. We nurture this connection through correspondence between CWS students and other students throughout the world, and by contributing funds to Waldorf schools and other teacher-chosen, and class-chosen initiatives. Care To Share funds are raised with the help of CWS parents, teachers, staff and students who create handcrafted goods in workshops and classrooms or donate their handwork for sale in the Care to Share room at the Holiday Fair and May Fair.

“Our ability to contribute to Waldorf Initiatives in other parts of our country or around the world is an acknowledgement of our interconnectivity and of the good work being done everywhere. It is an important gesture of service which the Waldorf curriculum so beautiful embodies.”

–Sue Smock Lawson, CWS parent

Care to Share is a unique opportunity to come together and embrace the Waldorf community, support the curriculum, and create new connections between students, faculty, and parents. The program is designed to nourish personal connections between members of our local and global community with the opportunity for mentors to pass on the beautiful art of crafting, while also connecting Waldorf schools and their communities worldwide. Please attend our next planning meeting. For information or inquiries about Care to Share meeting times, email Laura Donkel at