The Bulletin

Care To Share: End of Year Updates

Thursday, June 2012

1. Chicago Waldorf School's Care To Share helps start a new program in South Africa

The Care To Share (CTS) committee just received a lovely detailed thank you letter from the McGregor Waldorf School.

Through our community fundraising (and your generous shopping during the Holiday Fair!), Chicago Waldorf School was able to send $2,000 of funds raised to the McGregor Waldorf School. This money enabled the start their first physical exercise program with a paid instructor and new equipment. Here is an excerpt from their letter:

This money will go towards the physical exercise that the primary school children since two weeks receive. It is the first time that the school is able to offer this and everyone, including the children, are really happy about it. Physical exercise is very necessary for the children to develop well! In South Africa there is a high incidence of obesity because of a diet that does not include fresh vegetables and fruit. This can lead to diabetes which often goes untreated causing early death. So it is important that the children learn about a healthy diet and exercise..."

The funds were also used to purchase Balls: rugby (6) soccer (6) netball (6) basketball (6), Tennis balls and rackets (12 sets), Cricket set (1) + bats (6), Baseball set (1),Orange beacons (20), Mats of 2mx2m (10), Skipping ropes (10).” You can see more photos on the McGregor facebook page.


Congratulations to the (now) 5th and 6th grade at CWS!

Your correspondence with McGregor students is something to be very proud of. Sharing with children across the globe knits our communities together. The McGregor students look forward to sharing with you again next year and we will likely exchange new ideas, art and stories!


2. The Maya Fund for Indigenous Children

We have also received a thank you letter from Escuela Caracol in Guatemala. Our donation of $500 was placed in their Maya Fund, which provides scholarships for indigenous Maya students. Many of the school’s 70 students come from local poor families who are in need of scholarship funds. Congratulations to the 2nd grade, Ms Szymanski and Caitlin Flannery who made this contact and will be sending pictures and letters to students at Escuela Caracol next school year. We will be sending additional funds in June and will update you then.


3. Nairobi Social Circus

We will keep you updated during the summer on how Meshu is fairing with the Nairobi Social Circus and his work with the Mbagathi Rudolf Steiner School. A Care to Share seed grant is ready for assisting the Nairobi Social Circus to obtain new equipment and supplies for its youth circus performances.


4. Join Our Efforts to "Care To Share"

During the summer, take some time to check out these web sites (linked above) and learn about Waldorf education around the globe. You will be amazed to see things that look just like the work your student is doing, work that is very different and ideas born out of the reality of having so little funding, but a strong educational philosophy that unites us all as Waldorf parents. We look forward to seeing all of you in the Fall with our crafting and handwork workshops and lots of new ideas. Thank you for all your efforts and support in caring and sharing this year!

Care To Share organizes ongoing outreach and collaborative efforts with various schools in the Waldorf worldwide education movement. If you have any questions, want to get involved, or want make a donation, please contact the Care To Share Committee leads: Laura Donkel, Margaret McGuire, or Dru Muskovin, 773-772-4005