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Audiences Love CWS Student Artists Exhibit

Friday, March 2013

This past January, Chicago Waldorf School students and parents were invited to present their artworks in a curated visual arts show in the foyer gallery of Prop Thtr while it hosted the 24th Annual Rhinoceros Theater Festival. The festival has been a bedrock event for Chicago’s experimental theater community for decades—this year’s lineup featured some of the brightest stars of Chicago fringe theater, music, multimedia, and performance. And the Waldorf students paintings, drawings and photography fit right in to this creative environment.

CWS parent and Curious Theatre Branch member, Vicki Walden, was tasked with curating a lobby art show for the festival. “I immediately turned to the CWS artist community for entries, and I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful response,” she said. “We only had a few weeks to turn it around, but students and parents alike created some great pieces. A number of audience members and festival participants expressed how much they loved the work. It even led to a couple of post-show conversations about Waldorf education.”


demonstrating how schools and theaters can collaborate in a desirable community exchange.

There were two themes for the show: artist parents and children creating work together, and solo pieces that reacted to the themes: rhinoceros, theater, or festival. The artists responded with photographs, collages, drawings, and water colors. Fifth grade teacher Nancy Melvin even held a special painting assignment in her class, weaving a rhino into the image especially for the festival.

A big thank you to the artists who shared their work!

Claudia Bonaccorsi                Zoe Miller

Paul Bonaccorsi                     Elizabeth Nebel

Anne Cousineau                    Zosia Smal

Maci Greenberg                     Ely Taylor

Jason Greenberg                   Owen Taylor

Curran O’Brien                        Leo Weingarten

Nancy Melvin                          Charlie Wild

The Preus Family (incl. John, Eva, and Solveig)


The students and parents who created art for our Rhino Fest were able to be both literal and extraordinarily imaginative, to be both whimsical and to astonish with the thoughtfulness of their ideas, full of humor and warmth, yet challenging viewers to second looks and unexpected discoveries. 

- Stefan Brun, Prop Thtr Artistic Director

Prop Thtr Artistic Co-Director, Stefan Brun, had this to say about the exhibit: "It is always a challenge to put an exhibit in our theater gallery, which complements our plays upon the stages. Upon being told, the time-frame in which this art was largely produced: I was extremely impressed. The idea took flight and yielded some intricately worked results...We have learned how dialog can be shown in pictures as well as words, how schools and theaters can collaborate in a desirable community exchange. This exhibit has inspired me and I very much hope we can work together soon again."