The Bulletin

To Our Student & Parent Ambassadors, and Enrollment Volunteers; Thank You!

Tuesday, June 2013

Thank you to many students, teachers and parents who welcomed and supported our prospective and new families this year.  Each of us plays a unique role in describing the value of Waldorf education, and we find that building enrollment in CWS is best achieved through the enthusiastic and collective efforts of the community.  This year was an exceptional example of this collaborative work.

First and foremost, we thank our high school Student Ambassadors for their outstanding work this year: Anyah Akanni, Malcolm Collins, Juan Correa, Jeremy Marder, Claire Matthews, Bianca Moreno, Joanna Northage-Orr, Merci Randolph, Siubhan Stormont, Conor Sullivan, Shannon Sullivan, Elijah Teague, and Joe Wendy.  Together, with the help of Isaiah Hasselquist, Taylor Jones, Juliet Kelson, Rebecca Lavin, Jenna Rogers, Sam Sendelbach and Becca Wright, they hosted hundreds of parents, 39 student visitors as well as our own 7th and 8th grade students.   We are also very grateful to the student ambassadors for enthusiastically representing Chicago Waldorf at many high school fairs last fall.

Very special thanks to our Parent Ambassadors for their joyful presence and generous outreach to prospective and new parents: Megan Cummins, Piper Davis, Maria Gale, Christy Galyon, Cheryl Henley, Lisa King, Jessica McCarthy, Sarah McIntosh and Jennifer Zumann.  They supported 52 new families this year, as well as assisted the Enrollment office with Tours & Orientations and other outreach events.   If you are interested in serving as a parent ambassador, please contact Jennifer Zielinski at or 773-828-8468.

Finally, we are deeply grateful to the Enrollment Committee chairs, Susan Mudd (committee chair), Katherine Rogers (Retention chair) and Lauren Pilgrim (Data chair) for their inspired leadership and ongoing dedication to this work; and to the members and special project volunteers, Catherine Boyce, Dawn Dingman, Jacque Harper, Dana Hegedorn, Rebeca Itzkowich, Michael Kahn, Clifton Muhammad, Lisa Rekstad, Judy Shaver-Chungbin, Anne Wagner, Sarah Wellington, Christine Wendy and Al Wyatt for their valuable contributions.

THANK YOU ALL for your generosity and commitment to the Chicago Waldorf School!

The Admissions Committee: Susan Bruck, Barbara Huckabay, Lisa Payton, Lauri Sullivan, and Jennifer Zielinski