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Thunder Athletics-

From Coach Rob Gill-

High School Girls’ Home Basketball Games

The high school girls’ basketball team competed in its final home games last week. The Thunder had exhilarating matches against the Stingers of St. Scholastica and the Griffins of Roycemore. The High School athletes have shown major improvements throughout the year, with quality play being on display despite losses to both teams.

Middle School & High School Basketball Games

This upcoming week, the middle school boys’ and girls’ teams and high school boys’ teams will host four games and will be on the road for three games.  Please check the Waldorf calendar…

Individual Athletes

In additional news: Armel Cazedepats will be joining Keven Henley at the Illinois High School Association swimming meet which takes place at Evanston High School on Saturday, February 19

Call for Trustees and Board Committee Members

The Committee on Trustees of the Board of Trustees is actively seeking individuals…

who are interested in serving as a Trustee of the Board, or as a member of a Board Committee. We are looking for talented people who are willing to take up the challenging and rewarding work of leading the school toward fulfilling its mission.  These people can come from within our CWS community, or can be drawn from outside our current ranks.  All qualified candidates must meet the following requirements:

•   A passion for—and willingness to learn about—Waldorf Education
•   An interest in furthering the Chicago Waldorf School mission
•   A commitment to support the governance structure and organizational agreements
•   A forward-looking, outward orientation
•   A good financial standing with the Chicago Waldorf School
•   A willingness to gift at a meaningful level
•   A willingness to serve on committees and/or task forces
•   A commitment to execute the schools Conflict of Interest Policy and Confidentiality agreement

Board Committees

  •  Audit Committee-                             oversight of annual audit and preparation of tax filings
  •  Development Committee-                in charge of all fundraising efforts
  •  Enrollment Committee-                    supports the Director of Admissions with enrollment strategy
  •  Finance Committee-                        oversight of the financial affairs of the Chicago Waldorf School
  •  Marketing Task Force-                     support the work of creating a marketing strategy
  •  Permanent Campus Committee-     guiding efforts toward realizing a permanent home

If you are interested, or you think someone you know might be just who we’re looking for, please email Cynthia Joho at We would like your suggestions by February 21st. 

Thank you.

The Committee on Trustees:
Mike Motyka, President and Chair of the Board of Trustees
Cynthia Joho, Board Trustee and Chair
Frank Verciglio, PTO Liaison to the Board
Luke Goodwin, Administrative Director


A PTO Sponsored Talk with Andrea Shaffer

The Four Temperaments: Which is Your Child?

Wednesday, February 16th, 7:00pm

Location: CWS Lower Eurythmy Room
a PTO sponsored event

Q: What do the Beatles and the Winnie the Pooh characters have in common?
A: Not just plush stuffed toys made by Disney.

(Did you know that Eeyore is made to look like Ringo? And Tigger is made to look like Paul?)

But more to the point, they illustrate Steiner’s Four temperaments. It’s not hard to pick out which one is sanguine, choleric, melancholic or phlegmatic.  But how do you deal with such different personalities when they live under your own roof?

Come out and listen to Andrea Shaffer, CWS faculty and parent, who has studied the temperaments so well that she can pick them out in a lineup. She will help you identify your child’s—-and your own—-temperament and give direction and insights into their behaviors. This is going to be a great discussion—-very helpful to parents.  Come receive advice in regard to how to use this information constructively at home. Just a hint: melancholics liked to be asked “Can you help Mommy with this?” Some parents report that these tips work magic in the home.

Please RSVP to save your seat with Lisa Rekstad, Parent Education Lead at

10th Grade Presents Aristophanes' The Birds

Thursday & Friday, February 17 & 18 at 7:30 pm In the school auditorium

This play was first produced in ancient Greece in the 5th century BC. The original production featured two Athenians who were fed up with government corruption, high taxes, a litigious society and a protracted war with Sparta (sound familiar?). These fellows hear about a legendary Athenian who has reincarnated as a bird and they go off in search his otherworldly paradise, Cloud Cuckoo Land. Their search results in a hilarious, madcap romp complete with music, dance and many surprises!

Come see the 10th grade production of this Greek classic which has been updated to the present (wherein the word, Twitter, takes on a whole new meaning…).

Recommended for grades 5 and up. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted at the door to support the 10th grade’s Service Learning Trip.

Our weekly Bulletin has adopted a new format!

We are excited to introduce the new web-based sound of Thunder which will continue to announce news and promote activities involving the Chicago Waldorf School community. It will include the events calendar and link articles directly to information on the school’s website and other sites.

This website newsletter has many new features and advantages over the previous paper/PDF format. The online format will receive updated information in real time and will have the ability to utilize dynamic media—like slide shows, video presentations, google maps links, and interactive charts. Some of this new mobility includes the opportunity for community members to leave comments and develop discussion threads at the bottom of every article. Please post comments to the articles that you have an opinion about; we’d love to hear from you. Readers will also be able to share the articles through buttons that automatically post the content to social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Digg It, and Yahoo profiles). This feature will also enable viewers—at the touch of a button—to automatically print the bulletin articles or email them to friends.

Rather than simply a one-way communication, the new sound of Thunder becomes a discussion forum in which the community can engage in dialogue and feedback with the school and with the public at large. Additional features—like online polls and surveys embedded in the bulletin—will enable the CWS administration to collect data and hear member perspectives from the community to benefit our long-reach institutional planning.

Besides the value of a dynamic communications tool, our bulletin will generate a more active web presence which will represent our school to the world (as people are increasingly searching the web to learn more about Waldorf education). While all these enhancements provide new opportunities, the bulletin will continue to focus on the essential value of communicating all the great experiences and activities that make our community unique.

So read on, and please enjoy this new reflection of Chicago Waldorf School…

...and please send all feedback about the new format to Jason Greenberg
or you may start a conversation/comments thread in response to this post.

Come see the 12th Grade Eurythmy Performances

We invite you to this year’s 12th grade eurythmy performances. The program is a medley of poetry and music, expressed in movement. The students’ selections for the program will include: Native American Indian poems, Shostakovich, poetry by Kathleen Raine, music by Brahms and Debussy, poetry by William Ernest Henley and others. The students will present solos and duets that have been developed with hard work and determined focus over the last few months. And, of course, Matilda the naughty girl has promised to make an appearance!

Come enjoy Naughty Matilda’s special Valentine’s refreshments for the eurythmy performances. In the hope of winning your hearts—and presence—for the performances she is creating special Valentines gift bags for sale. Give them as gifts to charm your own Valentine!

12th Grade Eurythmy Performances in February

February 10th at 10:45 AM . . . . . . . .  All performances are at the school auditorium.
February 11th at   7:00 PM
February 12th at   4:00 PM

For more information, contact Susanne Zipperlen. Please come and celebrate this amazing program!

Welcome our newest Administrative Staff Member

We are excited to announce that we have hired a new Marketing and Communications Director.

Jason Greenberg joins our staff ready and equipped with an amazing array of professional marketing and communications experiences. He is the founder and principle director of Art Works Design, a communications consulting company specializing in the development of compelling message and branding strategies. Art Works Design clients have included Exelon Corporation, the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, and Adventure Stage Chicago. Jason has also held teaching positions in the world of higher education as professor of Art, Media and Design at DePaul University and as Dean of the Institute of Art and Design at Robert Morris College.

Jason’s non-profit experience includes founding the Empirical Opera, an educational advocacy network, and leadership with the Chicago Center for Green Technology as well as collaborative partnerships with advocacy groups such as the Active Transportation Alliance, and Angelic Organics Learning Center. As the Chicago Waldorf School reaches out into expanding markets, Jason will guide our efforts with visionary leadership, a deft understanding of promoting community-building initiatives, expertise with social and strategic marketing, all backed with expert digital and technical skills.  Welcome Jason!

-Leukos Goodwin
Administrative Director, Chicago Waldorf School

PTO Sponsored Events for February

PTO Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 9th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: CWS, High School Music Room, 2nd floor, Main Building (Early Childhood side)
All CWS parents, staff and faculty are invited to attend PTO meetings. Please join us for snacks and conversation followed by an update and discussion addressing your questions, concerns, and ideas for future PTO initiatives. And, we’ve invited Jackie Johnson to discuss the upcoming CWS Gala on March 26th! Have ideas or questions? Contact your class PTO representative.

February Events at Commons on the Corner

2/11 Lattes with Luke
2/18 Building Intentional Community (BIC) with Frances Vig and Hazel Ginsberg

Join CWS parents, staff and faculty for coffee and conversation at Commons on the Corner every Friday morning after drop off in the Parent Child Room, 1301 W Loyola. Children are welcome. Direct questions to Commons on the Corner Leads, Christine Carroll or Karen Hallman.

The Four Temperaments

Date: Wednesday, February 16th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: CWS Lower Eurythmy Room
Save the date! Andrea Shaffer, CWS faculty and parent, will discuss Steiner’s Four Temperaments. Watch for more information. Direct questions to Lisa Rekstad, Parent Education Lead.

Knitting with Megan Cummins

Date: Thursday mornings through February
Time: 8:15 – 10:30am
Location: Parent Child Room, 1301 W Loyola
What do you get when you rub two sticks together? Fire, right? Well, we are igniting the fire of learning by rubbing those sticks together—and adding wool. Yes, it’s time to learn to knit. This is a great skill and a lot of fun too! We will learn how to knit from fellow CWS parent and Urban Prairie handwork teacher, Megan Cummins. We will learn to cast on, knit, purl and even bind off. Don’t get cold feet…Why? We will learn how to make socks too! Please register with Parent Education Lead,  Lisa Rekstad.

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