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CWS Hosts Community Dialogue in Inclusion & Diversity Symposium

Wednesday, September 2013


Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequality

Monday, October 7th, 6:30pm, Lower Eurythmy Room

Join us for this community event hosted by the Chicago Waldorf School’s Inclusion & Diversity Committee.  Attend a screening of “Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity” a film by Shakti Butler, that asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity and is designed to deepen the conversation on race. Rooted in love and justice, Cracking the Codes, can provide an honest, heartfelt starting point for conversation. For more information and to RSVP please contact Jennifer Zielinski at

Cracking the Codes is the most dignified and evidenced response possible to the blithe assertion that we now live in a ‘post-racial’ America.”

- Yes Magazine


Colorado Waldorf Schools Closed Due to Floods!

Tuesday, September 2013

The Boulder Waldorf Kindergarden and Shining Mountain Waldorf School have both been hard hit along with many residents and local organizations in the areas of Colorado recently overwhelmed with unexpected floodwaters.

See the photos of the devastating floods.

Currently, the school’s administration is working with the Boulder County Health Department to asses all campus buildings and facilities.

You can visit their website or Facebook page for more information. Also the Boulder Waldorf  Kindergarten's Early Childhood classroom was entirely underwater and the classroom furniture, toys and materials are ruined. The school is in great need of replacement supplies and financial support. Supplies can be sent directly to Suzanne Down / 1604 Whitehall Dr. / Longmont, CO 80504 or here is the link to paypal for donations:

And finally, CWS's own Christine Culbert is collecting any donations of age-appropriate toys, materials and money to help refurbish their flooded EC classrooms. Contact her at

Welcome New Students and Families to the Waldorf Community!

Monday, September 2013

We are grateful to all the new parents and parent ambassadors who participated in the welcome event on September 3rd. If you were unable to attend please stop by the Enrollment Office to pick up your Welcome packet.

On behalf of our faculty and staff, thank you for choosing the Chicago Waldorf School and best wishes for a wonderful school year!

Here are all the new families who have joined, or returned to, our community this year.

•    Ms. Matson’s Sunflowers:         Arri Boyce, Silas Daut, Liam Foley, Abigiya Shawgo-Manley,
                                                         Sebastian St. John, Heidi Zhang, Woody Zhang & Isaac Zumann    
•    Ms. Morrison’s Sweet Peas:      Oscar Booth, Mason Kuck, Marquise Lane, Ella St. John & Cody Thomas  
•    Ms. Votanek’s Rose Garden:      Sahra Cohen, Calum Daut, Adrienne Hurn, Mari Kottke,
                                                          Julian Palmowski & Gwen Ramesh  
•    Ms. Barron’s Morning Glories:   Julide Buersmeyer, Levant Buersmeyer, Hannah Gordon, Henry Jenkins,
                                                          Dayton Kim, Ioanna Kouchoukos, Liam Lockwood, Henry Morgan-
                                                          Browning, Henry Luttschyn, Joshua Mulherin, Fiona Mulherin,
                                                          Hazel Palka & Olive Palka  
•    Ms. Assirati’s Bluebells:            Seline Allmer, Abril Braekke, Sasha Hirsch-Arnett,
                                                          Eme McIntosh, & William Shanley  
•    Grade 1 — Mr. Kuck:                  Brogan Bell, Marcus Flamme, Patrick Merrill, Adel Pierce, Francesca Wildi
                                                          & Odessa Winn   
•    Grade 2 — Ms. Rotko:               Anton Braekke, Maeve Brogan, Carlo Hague, & Wiatt Hague  
•    Grade 4 — Ms. Szymanski:      Averie Piehl (welcome back!)  
•    Grade 6 — Mr. Trevillion:          Maddie Abraham, Eitann Mallin (welcome back!), Aaron Ramesh &
                                                        Ewan Rasmussen (welcome back!)  
•    Grade 7 — Ms. Hartz:                Alek Piehl (welcome back!)  
•    Grade 8 — Ms. Sullivan:           Ayastan Sherniyazov  
•    Grade 9 —Sr. Correa & Ms. Huckabay:       Genevieve Antic, Yaakov Bockian, Eden DeJesus,
                                                                           Dana Flores & Cherokee Sperry  
•    Grade 10 — Ms. Vig & Mr. Welcher:             Nikolai Gorman & Maddie Kelson  
•    Grade 11 — Ms. Goodwin & Mr. Holdrege:   Gregory Levinson (welcome back!)

- submitted by the Enrollment Department: Lisa Payton and Jennifer Zielinski

Michaelmas Ushers in New Season of Strength & Fortitude

Friday, September 2013

Michaelmas & the Harvest Festival

Please join us this Friday, September 27th for our community-wide festival

Harvest Festival – 10:30-noon  

For Early Childhood and Parent-Child parents. You are invited to attend with any younger siblings to enjoy the festival’s seasonal crafts and dance to the traditional folk music of Jutta & the Hi Dukes.

Michaelmas Assembly 12:30-2:45  

Begins in the Auditorium, followed by the outdoor Dragon Pageant and singing in the parking lot; then a trip to Albion Beach for dragon sand building and a school-wide relay run.


An Introduction To Michaelmas   by Andrea Shaffer, Gym & Movement Teacher

To understand the approach to festivals in a Waldorf school it is helpful to know that Summer is considered the season of sleep, and Winter the season of wakefulness. In Summer life rises into the hot air while the earth sleeps, just as our dreams take us on adventures while our body lays still. In Winter there is less apparent activity, yet below the earth's surface amazing work is being done. This is why in the Early Childhood, Mother Earth and the gnomes go underground and do their work and reappear in the Spring.


Michaelmas then, is a "re-awakening to the self" after the dreaminess of Summer.

It is a time for conscious action and a time to welcome challenge. This celebration takes a different form each year, but is centered on themes of bravery and acts of physical challenge. We will sing, work and eat together, and ready ourselves for the year of work ahead, as well as prepare for the concentration and reflection that Winter brings. 

As the bright light of summer begins to fade, the colors of the leaves begin to appear, and the wind begins to swirl, our school celebrates Michaelmas and the Harvest Festival each year. Much of the school's celebration is centered around the tale of St. George and the Dragon, and especially on the bravery and strength in the story. We take on other activities (like neighborhood clean-up in teams) for conscious action and to engage in physical challenges as an outer expression of the mental wakefulness we need for the school year ahead. In the Early Childhood the Harvest Festival is a celebration tied to the bounty of the natural world, and is also a preparation for winter and another growing season.                            (photos: 2012 Michaelmas Festival)

Learn from the Teachers in the Waldorf Curriculum Night

Tuesday, September 2013

Above: 8th grade, Civil War & Revolutions  / Inset: 5th grade, calligraphy research report / Bottom: 2nd grade, the King of Ireland’s Son

Waldorf Curriculum Night / Thursday, September 19th / 7:00-9:30pm
An evening for parents to learn about the Grade School & Middle School curriculum

Hear from the main teacher about each grade’s highlights and themes for the year. Then meet your child’s special subject teachers and learn how their lessons complement, enhance and extend the themes of the morning lessons.

Learn how the curriculum is meeting your child’s developmental needs, and what that means in the classroom, in social situations, and at home.

Discover what you can do to support your child developmentally and academically at home.

We strongly urge ALL parents to attend this once a year Parent Curriculum Night. It’s an opportunity to ask questions of the Special Subjects, Grade School and Middle School teachers and learn about the class curriculum in your current or upcoming grades. Early Childhood parents are also welcome to attend to learn about Waldorf education in the Grade School and Middle School.

Meet ALL Grade School &  Middle School Teachers on-
Thursday, September 19th / 7:00-9:30pm in the grade school classrooms and the gym

We invite at least one parent from each family to participate in this important curriculum event.
Click here to reply to Phoebe Cape in the Main Office to reserve your seat & RSVP
(The RSVP deadline allows us to prepare enough copies of handouts to share samples with all participants)

Submitted by the CWS Enrollment Committee & College of Teachers

CWS Summer Outreach Opportunities

Tuesday, June 2013

You are invited to join CWS families and friends for the

2013 CWS Summer Parades and Festivals

These events are all a part of Chicago Waldorf School’s Summer Outreach events. In them Waldorf children, parents, faculty, staff and friends march, play music and jump rope for Pride Parade, they wave streamers and ride scooters and throw confetti in Evanston for the July 4th parade, they knit and construct toys at the Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival, the Glenwood Market and at the Renegade Craft Fair. And in all these events they demonstrate and share their love of CWS in talk with neighbors interested in finding out more about our school and the special aspects of Waldorf education.

Enjoy staying connected with Waldorf families
this summer and help us present our school to
Chicago’s neighborhoods and communities. This plays an essential role in our enrollment outreach efforts and its also just plain good
old summer fun for the whole family

Come and join us for many, or even just one, of these events. You can march in the sun amid the cheering crowds for our parades (historically lots of costuming, face-painting and parade swag are involved- or wear your CWS t-shirt!). For those younger and older participants―or just the sun shy―we also have seating with cool drinks on the CWS bus which will drive in both parades.


Chicago Parades- Come March with Us!!

Sunday June 30th –  44th Annual Chicago Pride Parade (11:30am-1pm)

Thursday July 4th –  Evanston’s  4th of July Parade (12:30pm-3pm)

Please RSVP!

To get involved, please contact Jason Greenberg at 312-405-6522 or if you have questions or would like to attend. RSVPs are important so we can provide adequate event materials and reserve seats on the bus.

Chicago Arts & Neighborhood Festivals- Come Attend with Us!!

August 17 & 18 – Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival (12pm-5pm)

August 25Glenwood Sunday Market (9am-2pm)

September 7 & 8 – Renegade Craft Fair (11am-5pm)

September 29Glenwood Sunday Market (9am-2pm)


Also don’t forget another fun way to stay in touch and enjoy outdoor play with other Waldorf families:

CWS Tuesday Beach Days at Albion Beach

All Summer Long - starting June 11th (10am-4pm)

Join the CWS Parent Ambassadors at Albion Beach any Tuesday (weather permitting) during the summer to meet new families, connect with current families and re-connect with any alumni families that may drop by. Look for the big red CWS sun umbrella.  Sponsored by the Parent Ambassadors group.

Questions! Contact Jennifer Zielinski at 773-828-8468 or

To Our Student & Parent Ambassadors, and Enrollment Volunteers; Thank You!

Tuesday, June 2013

Thank you to many students, teachers and parents who welcomed and supported our prospective and new families this year.  Each of us plays a unique role in describing the value of Waldorf education, and we find that building enrollment in CWS is best achieved through the enthusiastic and collective efforts of the community.  This year was an exceptional example of this collaborative work.

First and foremost, we thank our high school Student Ambassadors for their outstanding work this year: Anyah Akanni, Malcolm Collins, Juan Correa, Jeremy Marder, Claire Matthews, Bianca Moreno, Joanna Northage-Orr, Merci Randolph, Siubhan Stormont, Conor Sullivan, Shannon Sullivan, Elijah Teague, and Joe Wendy.  Together, with the help of Isaiah Hasselquist, Taylor Jones, Juliet Kelson, Rebecca Lavin, Jenna Rogers, Sam Sendelbach and Becca Wright, they hosted hundreds of parents, 39 student visitors as well as our own 7th and 8th grade students.   We are also very grateful to the student ambassadors for enthusiastically representing Chicago Waldorf at many high school fairs last fall.

Very special thanks to our Parent Ambassadors for their joyful presence and generous outreach to prospective and new parents: Megan Cummins, Piper Davis, Maria Gale, Christy Galyon, Cheryl Henley, Lisa King, Jessica McCarthy, Sarah McIntosh and Jennifer Zumann.  They supported 52 new families this year, as well as assisted the Enrollment office with Tours & Orientations and other outreach events.   If you are interested in serving as a parent ambassador, please contact Jennifer Zielinski at or 773-828-8468.

Finally, we are deeply grateful to the Enrollment Committee chairs, Susan Mudd (committee chair), Katherine Rogers (Retention chair) and Lauren Pilgrim (Data chair) for their inspired leadership and ongoing dedication to this work; and to the members and special project volunteers, Catherine Boyce, Dawn Dingman, Jacque Harper, Dana Hegedorn, Rebeca Itzkowich, Michael Kahn, Clifton Muhammad, Lisa Rekstad, Judy Shaver-Chungbin, Anne Wagner, Sarah Wellington, Christine Wendy and Al Wyatt for their valuable contributions.

THANK YOU ALL for your generosity and commitment to the Chicago Waldorf School!

The Admissions Committee: Susan Bruck, Barbara Huckabay, Lisa Payton, Lauri Sullivan, and Jennifer Zielinski

Class of 2013 Senior Plans

Tuesday, June 2013

Our seniors have graduated and are now planning their next steps―considering majors at their colleges, exploring international travel, professional development and employment opportunities, weighing their options and generally looking forward to their next stage of life. They also deserve a special note of congratulations for this particular distinction: As a class they have been awarded over $2 million in merit-based scholarships to continue their educational journeys in college. Those scholarship awards are based on academic merit (not needs-based financial aid), which

demonstrates how much schools are seeking out these Waldorf graduates and valuing the life skills, learning capacities and academic and social competencies they learned at CWS.

Here are brief profiles of their future plans:

Gabrielle Anspach will attend Vassar College in New York. She chose Vassar because of the strong academic reputation, and the very interesting, friendly and welcoming student body. Gabi anticipates exploring a variety of academic fields, including English, anthropology, education and art.

Eden Finer is looking forward to attending the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and has been admitted to the School of Human Ecology, a socially-conscious department which focuses on quality-of-life issues through research, creative innovation and outreach.

Natalie Good will begin post-high school life at Stetson University in Florida. She was drawn to the Discovery Program at Stetson which offers special customized opportunities for individual mentoring, workshops and job shadowing, that allows students to explore several different careers each semester.

Maddie Lawson has chosen Kalamazoo College for her undergraduate experience. She is unsure of her major but feels comfortable with Kalamazoo because it has strong, rigorous programs across many disciplines, and is a very friendly and open community.

Nora Lubin will attend Sarah Lawrence College in New York. She is enthusiastic about this school because of its shared core values and many similarities of approach to learning with Waldorf education. Nora is interested in psychology, criminology and film studies.

Claire Matthews chose Kalamazoo College for many different reasons, including its trimester schedule, friendly students, the lack of Greek life, and the K-Plan, which ensures a strong focus on experiential education, including strong programs for internships and study abroad. Claire hopes to pursue one of the sciences, perhaps via a pre-med track or alternatively via a teaching/education track.

Our 11 Seniors have collectively amassed over
$2 million dollars in merit-based scholarships!

Joanna Northage-Orr will attend Indiana University–Bloomington with her sights set on studying linguistics, a program for which IU is well-known. Joanna is considering studying several languages, double-majoring in linguistics and international studies, or studying business economics and languages.

Rochelle Peterson will pursue writing at Macalester College which values a socially-conscious student body and has a great awareness regarding environmental issues and social justice issues.  She is inspired by their highly regarded writing program, and also considering a double major (or at least a minor) in art.

Clay Shane will be heading to the east coast this fall to study at Hampshire College. Clay has many academic interests, including political science, literature, philosophy, and music.  Hampshire is part of the Five-College Consortium which allows students to cross-register at any of the colleges. Clay is already looking into the classes in Arabic language at Smith College.

Yarden Solomon is planning a gap year prior to enrolling in college. Through Workaway International, Yarden has made contact with several organizations in Thailand and plans to volunteer for six months at a yoga retreat center and also on a farm in Thailand. After her time abroad she plans to select a college to pursue her interest in environmental studies.

Casey Stewart will attend Knox College in the fall to study Creative Writing. Their Creative Writing Department is one of the leading programs in the country according to the prestigious Poets and Writers Magazine. She was drawn in by the exceptionally nice professors and student body, and impressed that the students in the class that she visited were so interesting and engaged.

The seniors' plans were collected and detailed by Academic Advisor, Diane Meinke as of 5/10/2013

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