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Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming…

Friday, March 25 is Parent-Teacher Conferences Day

This round of Parent-Teacher conferences, unlike the mandatory conferences in the fall, is by request only——your or the teacher’s. And, did you know that ALL the special subject teachers are available to speak with you and give their valuable perspective? In the grade school, sign up for a time with Ilene Warfield, and have a conversation with any special subject teachers to learn more about the curriculum, school events and your child. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a slightly different perspective and enjoy the full circles of educators that surround your child every day.

The Grade School Office is currently scheduling Spring parent-teacher conferences for teacher-requested conferences only. On March 14th scheduling will open up for parent-requested conferences. All parents wishing to speak with a class and/or subject teacher will be accommodated; additional conference slots will be added as needed.

Reminder to Parents: If you want to meet with a special subject teacher and that teacher has not requested a conference with you already, then please specify if you want to meet with the subject teacher separately or in conjunction with your class teacher during the conference.

Conferences will be held on Friday, March 25 (no school for students).
Please contact Ilene Warfield in the Grade School Office at or 773.465.2372 to make an appointment.

Currently in the Classroom

Here is a preview of this month’s curriculum blocks being covered in the grade school.

  • 1st Grade- Szymanski          Arithmetic
  • 2nd Grade- Poole                 Arithmetic
  • 3rd Grade- Shortridge          Arithmetic: Measurement, Time & Money
  • 4th Grade- Petersen             Arithmetic
  • 5th Grade- Sullivan              Ancient Greece & North American Geography
  • 6th Grade- Triggiano            Physics with Brian Gleichauf
  • 7th Grade- Trevillion             Chemistry & Algebra
  • 8th Grade- Hartz                  8th Grade Play


Waldorf Thunder Athletics

From Coach Robb Gill—

Boys Basketball Season Concludes

The boys’ basketball season came to an end on Thursday night with a thrilling game against the Lyçée Academy that was decided by a last-minute buzzer beater by the flames of Lyçée. The boys played in a round-robin tournament in a new conference that Coach Pat Minnihan and I helped form with Roycemore, the Lyçée Academy and the British Academy.  Jeremy Marder was voted first-team all conference, and Malcolm Collins were voted part of the sportsmanship team. 

This concludes a busy winter of basketball at the ThunderDome.  The high school girls are now turning to a busy soccer season, and the boys will be taking part in the new track and field team.

Reminder: Drop-Off & Pick-Up Traffic Flows

Parents, please do your part to follow the drop-off and pick-up procedures.

In particular, do not park in front of the school to run your children into the building. And do not allow children to exit cars unattended by a parking assistant. Please be considerate of other parents (and our neighbors) in our community who feel lack of compliance in these issues leads to confusion and unsafe conditions for their children.

Early Childhood: Children must be escorted into the building by an adult, stow shoes and personal belongings in cubby, put on slippers, and greet teacher at classroom door. Pick-up is at the classroom door, as well.  For Ms. Culbert’s class across Loyola, please do not double park in the street. This leads to very unsafe drop-off and pick-up for the children.

Grade School: Students must be dropped off at the curb (see traffic flow details below) or escorted into the building. Teachers greet children at the classroom door. Pick-up outside in front of the CWS main doors either on foot or in your car at the curb.

High School: High School students may enter through the east side door. But High School students who get a ride must be dropped off at the front entrance curb with all other students.

This plan only works with your dedication and adherence to these rules:

  • Vehicles may not be left unattended at the curb front on Loyola Ave (i.e. in the drop-off/pick-up lane) during school hours. You risk being ticketed or towed.
  • Never double-park your vehicle.
  • Those who need to stay at school must find street parking.
  • Never park at the curb by stop signs or the (illegal) intersection corners.
  • Never drop-off/pick-up on the south side of Loyola; crossing the street middle is dangerous.
  • The parking lot between the school and St. Ignatius Church is not available during school hours.
  • Finally, please be courteous to the traffic patrol; they only have your children’s safety in mind.

In the interest of safety for all our students, it is requested that Early Childhood parents remove their young children from the areas in front of and around the main school buildings once they have been picked up from class. This request holds for both the 12:00PM and 3:00PM pick-up times, as these are both times when grade school children and high school students are outside. One thing we have found to be absolutely true is that when older, bigger children are active and smaller, younger children are playing nearby, there is great potential for injury. Also, please be aware that the side yard is used by the Grade School for the lower grades play space at noontime recess and for the After Care students at 3:00PM dismissal; therefore it is not an available space for parents and younger children to play. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

From the CWS Board of Trustees

Summary of January Board Meeting

The January Board of Trustees meeting focused on a wide range of operational and strategic topics. Administrative Director Luke Goodwin reported to the Board on administrative, enrollment, marketing and development topics, including the applications and expectations for next year’s 1st and 9th grades; the successful response to the new high school scholarship; details on the search and final choice for the school’s new Director of Marketing and Communications; and updates on the Gala, May Fair and upcoming alumni events. The Finance Committee introduced a new budget variance report to the Board, and the Audit, Governance and Strategic Planning committees gave updates on their activities.

Notable discussions included how the school will assure parents of its commitment to reinstating faculty salaries and pensions with the critical assistance of a successful Gala and Annual Fund. College Chair Carol Triggiano presented the Waldorf approach to teaching reading, distinguishing between decoding and comprehension – the latter being the far more difficult skill to learn – and explaining how the capacities for comprehension are awakened through storytelling. And finally, trustees engaged in a review of Board operations and its progress toward its annual goals. Trustees voiced strong approval of the Board tasks accomplished thus far and the leadership and engagement shown toward those goals. Board Chair Mike Motyka ended the meeting with a call for bold trustee leadership in soliciting gifts and in giving fully, generously and without conditions.

Minutes from the January Board meeting will be available after approval on March 22. All prior 2010-2011 Board meeting minutes are available for viewing at the Main Office.

The Board will be holding its next meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 7:00 pm. Interested parents, faculty and staff may request to attend by notifying the Board Chair, Mike Motyka at at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting (that is, by March 20). Submitted by Sylvie Desouches, Board Secretary

You are invited to attend Senior Project Presentations

The senior year at a Waldorf school is designed to be a culmination of the students’ education and a preparation for their next step in life. The senior curriculum leads the students through a study of the human being’s relationship with the world while synthesizing the high school themes of phenomenological, comparative and analytical thinking.

Click here for further details about the history and significance of the senior projects as they fit into the Waldorf curriculum.

Here is a link to a High Resolution File for printing this schedule.

Supporting Faculty Professional Development

Faculty are a core strength of the Waldorf Education

The Chicago Waldorf School has long been recognized as one of the schools providing leadership in Waldorf education for North America.  This reputation is directly linked to our commitment to providing professional development opportunities for our teachers so that they can continue to educate our students working from an enlivened, comprehensive and contemporary relationship to the Waldorf curriculum.  Professional development includes continuing training and attendance at conferences, active mentoring programs and evaluations of our faculty from master teachers visiting from outside our school community.

The Chicago Waldorf School faculty holds itself to a high standard of excellence in teaching that reflects the challenge of this developmental approach to education. We seek to meet the educational needs of the developing child from early childhood through high school. This requires a well-trained, well mentored faculty fully engaged in ongoing self-reflection and assessment. In this rapidly changing world it is essential that our teachers have the opportunity to refresh and renew their teaching perspectives and to participate in contemporary research.

Waldorf education is a transformative process for students and teachers alike. Let us commit ourselves to providing the best possible education and future for our students at the Chicago Waldorf School through a fully funded and comprehensive professional development program for our outstanding faculty.  The 2011 Chicago Waldorf School Gala, The Year of the Teacher: Passion & Purpose, is a celebration that brings together trustees, parents, faculty, staff, and other friends of the school to support this commitment. This year’s celebration will begin with a cocktail reception, Passion & Purpose program, and will be followed by a Dutch Auction. Gifts made to the auction will be directed to a special fund that will enable CWS faculty to enhance their work with our students through professional development opportunities.

Chicago Waldorf School’s ANNUAL GALA

Saturday, March 26th at 6:30pm

Invitations have been mailed to community members; Please RSVP with the reply envelopes. Other interested individuals or companies who would like to attend are welcome to contact our Development Director, Jackie Johnson for complete details.

We look forward to this year’s Gala being a lively social event; and a fun opportunity to support our teachers’—and the school’s—professional reputation and authority.


Congratulations to CWS athlete, Matthew Kane!

Chicago Waldorf School student-athlete rower,
Matthew Kane, named WSC Scholar

World Sport Chicago, legacy organization of Chicago’s olympic and paralympic bid, names Matthew Kane as one of 56 Chicago student-athletes awarded the WSC Scholarship.

CHICAGO – February 10, 2011 – World Sport Chicago, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting sport to the youth of Chicago, is pleased to name rower Matthew Kane to the World Sport Chicago Scholarship Program.  The 56 members of the Class of 2011 WSC Scholars are Chicago high school juniors who represent 20 different Olympic and Paralympic sports including Sailing, Badminton, Goalball, Soccer, etc. and include able-bodied athletes as well as athletes with physical or visual disabilities. WSC Scholars attend 31 different public, private and parochial schools and represent over 30 Chicago neighborhoods.  Students were selected based on their commitment to academics, athletics and the Olympic values. WSC Scholars will have access to World Sport Chicago events, receive Kaplan ACT test preparation courses and participate in Chicago Scholars’ pre-college mentoring program.  Students will also have the opportunity to compete for one of 16 renewable college scholarships worth up to $10,000 annually ($40,000 total), supported by the MacArthur Foundation. The 2011 WSC Scholars will also join last year’s inaugural WSC Scholars as athlete ambassadors and will speak with schools and community groups about the importance of higher education, athletics participation and the Olympic Movement.

“We are excited to welcome a new group of student-athletes to the WSC Scholarship Program,” says Scott Myers, Executive Director of World Sport Chicago.  “Last year’s program was a rewarding experience for the students, mentors and partner organizations and we look forward to providing the same opportunities for the 2011 WSC Scholars as they pursue their collegiate and athletic goals.”
World Sport Chicago believes that sport has the power to transform and is dedicated to helping children in Chicago find a sport to meet their interests and abilities.  The organization promotes the Olympic ideals of fitness, education and well being by working with partner organizations to launch or expand sport programs for kids. WSC is working to introduce Chicago’s youth to the fun and benefit of sports and the ideals of fair play, teamwork, respect and leadership.  Learn more at

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