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Thunder Rocket Club in Mid-West Science Competition

CWS Students Preparing a Wind Turbine Rocket

The Thunder Rocket Club is finalizing preparations for its big launch on May 20th and 21st. Thunder Rocket Club will be one of 60 teams from four states participating in the Rockets For Schools competition. The contest is held each year in Sheboygan, WI.

Team members have been busy building a 6 foot tall, 4 inch diameter rocket that will carry a science project thousands of feet above the ground. The rocket will be launched on an I-class high power motor that is 250 times more powerful than the model rocket motors that you can see launched at the local parks. 

To handle this much power, the team had to use sophisticated rocket building techniques to ensure aerodynamic stability throughout the flight. Because hobby rockets don’t have electronic guidance, like NASA rockets do, they are guided by their fins and the way the fins work with the laws of aerodynamics. The team attached the fins into the interior of the rocket using high tech bonding agents. The rocket just needs some paint before it is ready for launch!

Good luck in Sheboygan Thunder Rocket Club!

The competition will include a presentation of the club’s science project. The team chose to focus on renewable energy. They mounted three wind turbines into the upper portion of the rocket (the payload). When the rocket lifts-off, the air flow from the acceleration will turn the turbines. Size and weight restrictions placed by the Rockets For Schools organization prevented them from installing motors to collect the electricity generated by the turbines, so they will calculate mathematically the amount of power collected based on the speed of the turbines as they spin during the rocket’s acceleration. To ensure that the rocket maintains aerodynamic integrity after the addition of the turbines, the team had to design the science project in a computerized simulation program. This helped them to recognize that 3 turbines would be more aerodynamically stable than 1. It was quite a feat of engineering to mount 3 working turbines into a 4 inch tube!

Thunder Rocket Club members are:  (Science Project Team) Louisa Johnson , Jackson Lubin, Augie Verciglio, (Construction Team) Alex Bender-Hooper, Jimmy Geraghty, Helena Joho, Gregory Levinson and Cheyenne Patino.  Team advisors are Brian Gleichauf and Judy Lubin.

Thunder Athletics

From the desk of Coach Robb Gill

Sport Update for the Girls’ Soccer Team

This past weekend was a good time to be a sports fan. The Chicago Bulls are making a great run in the play-offs, and the Kentucky Derby is always an exciting event to watch, not only for the race but also for the hats that people wear. And on the home-front, exciting activity happened for CWS Thunder Athletics.

The Thunder soccer team had a fun-filled weekend, as they played in the first ever 8-on-8 Metropolitan Prep Soccer Tournament. As Pastor Valdez, president of the New Jerusalem School and the conference, said at the end of the tournament, “The spirit of good sportsmanship, fair play, and fun is alive and well in the hearts of the athletes who took part in the tournament.” The Waldorf Girls’ Soccer Team was able to take 2nd place by winning a pressure packed shoot-out in overtime against the Stars of the Universal School of Bridgeview.

In the championship game, the Waldorf Girls’ Team, The Thunder, lost to the Greyhounds of St. Gregory due to the incredible play of the MVP of the tournament, Nancy Ikejamja, who wowed the crowd with her incredible moves. Overall, the girls had a great time. Much credit for the great weekend must be given to the senior leadership on the team and their outstanding coach, Adrianna Kondrat.

The Thunder Athletic Department is very excited by the current plans of the Metropolitan Prep.  Due to the work of Pastor Valdez and myself, the conference is moving towards offering special sports for small schools such as Waldorf.  For example, the conference is planning on offering Boys 8-on-8 Flag football in the fall, and they are working on 6-on-6 Boys Soccer League.

Here is a video (produced by Coach Gill & the students) highlighting the weekend of soccer play.

High School Math Club Update

CWS Math Club Competes in State Finals. Mathlete, Liam Lundy, Places in Division 1A

Eight members of the high school math club competed in the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics state finals on Saturday, April 30th.  The team met at school at 6:00 a.m. and drove down to the University of Illinois with former coach Brian Gleichauf and current coach Katie Sullivan.  Unfortunately coach Robert Wilson was unable to attend, as he was on the 8th grade class trip. The math club competed against the top scoring math students from all over the state of Illinois and proudly represented the Chicago Waldorf School. Liam Lundy’s score in the individual 10th grade written contest earned him 12th place out of 122 students in division 1A. 

After Liam’s individual contest, he headed over to join Francisco “Paco” Alvarez, Alex Morson, Mercedes Randolf, Vlad Yourtchenko, Gabrielle Anspach, Maddie Lawson, and Rochelle Peterson in the 8-person contest.  The team gave the contest their best effort and had an enjoyable day.  After competing, the team went out to lunch to celebrate and then headed back to school.  Having 8 students qualify for the state contest is a record for the Chicago Waldorf math club and the team is motivated to continue on their upward path by improving their performance and increasing the club’s membership next year.

See The 12th Grade Play

You Can’t Take It With You Thursday May 19th - Saturday May 21st

The twelfth grade will present Kaufman and Hart’s screwball comedy You Can’t Take It With You Thursday-Friday, May 19-20 7:30 pm and Saturday, May 21 3:00 pm. You Can’t Take It with You opened in New York in 1936 to instant critical and popular acclaim, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize that same year. The 1938 film version of the play won the Academy Award for best picture.

You Can’t Take It With You is moonstruck from beginning to end.  The Sycamore family, a glorious group of madcap eccentrics, meet up with the uptight, conservative Kirby family and sparks ensue! Come join us for a fun, heart-warming evening full of dancing, fireworks and many surprises. Suitable for grades 3 and up.

Admission is free with donations gratefully accepted at the door. Proceeds will help fund the seniors’ upcoming service learning trip to Mexico.

Appreciation For Our Parent Volunteers

Grandparents & Special Friends Day was a Success!

Thank You to these CWS parent volunteers who helped make our Grandparents & Special Friends Day come alive and welcomed guests from our larger community.

These were the folks behind the organizing, reception, guided tours and overall support that ensured that our visitors had a wonderful experience visiting our school.

Your contributions are appreciated!

Janet Zimmerman Sherri Wandler Karen Anderson Valerie Hartmann Elizabeth McManus Kim Piehl
Robin Lewis Sally Rosenthal Lisa Rekstad Sarah Wellington Terry True Sarah Slepak
Mary Motyka Lisa Donofrio Chuck Ginsberg Mark Miller Linda Finer Christine Carroll

Many people supported this event. If we inadvertently missed listing someone, please let us know.

Congratulations! A Community Profile

James Beard Award for CWS Parent Michael Gebert

CWS parent, Michael Gebert, recently won a James Beard Foundation Award. The Beard Foundation is a highly respected not for profit that recognizes excellence in the culinary arts. Michael’s award is one of the top national awards in the food journalism category. He received this award for his participation in the Chicago Reader’s Key Ingredient chef challenge series. Michael does the video and Julia Thiel writes the pieces in the Chicago Reader. Click here to see the series.

You can read more about the award ceremony at Michael’s blog, Sky Full of Bacon.

Waldorf-Inspired Summer Camp

Camp Glen Brook Offers Mindful & Developmental Summer Camp Experience

Since 1946, Camp Glen Brook in Marlborough, New Hampshire, has been weaving the ideals of Waldorf education with a traditional New England camp experience. We offer a 3- or 6-week summer camp during which lifetime bonds are formed and which is modeled after Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the development of the child.

Camp Glen Brook’s summer camp serves boys and girls ages 8 to 14. The program balances and harmonizes the needs of the bodies, minds, and hearts of the children as they grow and develop.

The goal of our program is to nurture in children the capacity for free thinking and action as adults. We do this through an underlying form of rhythm and structure. We believe that premature exposure to too many choices and ever-changing structures can give an illusory sense of freedom that can actually undermine the attainment of genuine and deep freedom in later life.

With few exceptions, children must participate in every camp program and activity, thereby engaging in a wide spectrum of experiences. Most often campers are expert in some activities and can encourage and help others find greater success, while in other activities they need the support and expertise of their peers. Through these and other experiences at Glen Brook, a true community is built - rather than a society of individuals only striving for self-enhancement.

For more info visit:
Contact: Twain Braden, Director or 603-876-3342
Camp Glen Brook, 35 Glen Brook Rd., Marlborough, NH 03455

May Fair Embraces and Bows to the Elements

Dear Members of the Chicago Waldorf School Community-

Due to the current forecast for colder temperatures and a strong chance of showers on Saturday, the May Fair planners, PTO and CWS administration have decided to implement the 2011 May Fair indoor contingency plan.

The May Fair will be presented indoors.

The date, times and full roster of entertainment and activities will be the same. Tomorrow: Saturday May 14th 10am - 4pm.

Please enter the May Fair through the CWS auditorium’s main entrance doors. (The main office entrance doors will be closed). All entertainment and performances will now be presented in the auditorium. (Except Circus Club performance remains in the gym). All crafts, games, tables, and other family activities will now be set-up in the gymnasium. Food vendors will be in the back of the auditorium.

Since ALL activities are still being presented it is imperative that volunteers still show up for your assigned shifts.

All parent volunteers please arrive 5-10 min early to the fair to find your indoor activity area. And please report to your area at the regularly scheduled time. There are no changes to the shift times and duties that are already assigned.

Leaders will meet set-up crews tomorrow morning with full plans for arranging the fair’s activities indoors. If you are one of those crews, please come to the auditorium to meet the set-up leaders.

And finally, it’s important to note that this change is planned so that our families and friends can come to our school and continue to have fun and enjoy a full plate of activities and Spring-themed experiences. The Maypole Dance will still welcome Spring in all of its glory.

We thank you all for your support and energy as we adapt to Mother Nature’s whims. It will be a fitting way to celebrate Spring and its powerful potential for renewal.

May Fair Entertainment
The May Fair has something fun for everyone. Check out this line-up!

10am Assane Seck will open our fair with drumming in the auditorium.
11am Licorice Sticks. Find this CWS staple in the auditorium.
12pm Maypole Dance. Watch our students perform in the gymnasium.
1pm Danger and Beauty Hour. Our own circus club will perform in the gymnasium.
2pm African Dance and Music Institute. Location in the auditorium.
3pm Magician Sean Masterson. Find his witty magic show in the auditorium.



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