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Annual Fund Challenge Grant: Your Dollars Go Farther!

Sunday, June 2013

Update: By July we had raised just shy of $143,000!
Thank You all members of our community who helped support our school via Annual Fund so that we can keep our operational budget balanced and our school running smoothly!


Previous Post from May 2013:  We are on the home stretch for the CWS Annual Fund. We appreciate those of you who have contributed over $128,000 to date; we need $22,000 more to meet our goal. Of course, we would like to exceed our goal and now we can with the added support of this challenge grant!


The Board of Trustees and a committed group of parents have stepped forward and offered up to a $1,000 matching gift for contributions made between now and June 30th.

The caveat is that the class has to have 100% participation. If you have children in more than one class, your gift will be credited towards the participation of each of those classes.

For each class for which there is 100% participation, there will be 1) a dollar-for-dollar matching gift made up to $1,000 and 2) a pizza party in the fall!  The matching dollars will go to the Annual Fund and be credited to the first 10 classes to reach 100%!

The CWS Annual Fund is critical for the school and its operations (as was detailed in this Springs All School Meeting). Annual Fund impacts everything from turning on the lights to covering teachers’ salaries.

Right now we are only at 52% parent participation while nationwide Waldorf schools and other independent schools average from 85% - 100% parent participation. We need to increase this number by June 30th, and raise at least $22,000 to meet our goal of $150,000.

This is a great opportunity!  Those of you who have not yet made your Annual Fund gift please take advantage of this moment and do so before June 30th. Your participation is necessary to activate the challenge grant to double your dollars!

Click here to make your donation to Annual Fund today!

And thank you for supporting Waldorf education. 

Questions? Please call Development Director Alexa Markoff at 773.828.8458 or by email at