The Bulletin

Now the High School Seniors Become Teachers!

Waldorf High School Seniors, as culmination of their studies, take on the mantle of educators!

You are warmly invited to attend these public presentations of the seniors’ culminating course of study. Based on the "TED Talks" model, these academic, cultural, civic and experimental topics of interest chosen by each student, are preseted to demonstrate the student's independent research, observation, theoretical analysis, and artistic explorations. The projects arise as an area of specialization for the student that has grown out of their studies in the High School.


High School Senior Projects Week

Monday - Friday, March 6 - 10, 2017

Presentations are in the CWS Auditorium at 1300 W. Loyola Avenue. (Map & Directions)
Please come at the beginning of each morning, afternoon & evening session.

Monday, March 6

10:50 am   Welcome & Opening Remarks

11:00 am    Ben Weingarten -
                     The Design of the American Ballpark

                    — Lunch Break —

1:00 pm     Max Claypool -

                    Tied Up with Strings: The Theory of Everything

                     Lindsay Garcia -

                    Who’s There? The Case for Extraterrestrial Life


Tuesday, March 7

11:00 am     Allison Boshell - Eat To Live

                     — Lunch Break —

1:00 pm       Saunders Ervin - Why Put a Ring on It?

                     The Past, Present & Future of Marriage

                      Grace Walters -

                     What’s Going Around: The Aesthetics of Disease


Wednesday, March 8

10:00 am     Jessica Kriho -

                     Musical Notes: A Series of Colorful Compositions

                      Shea Shawgo-Manley -

                     Video Art: My Exploration in a Contemporary Art Form

                     — Lunch Break —

1:00 pm     Henry Rogers - Experimental Learning:

                    Pushing Your Limits and Building Resilience

                    Augustus Post - How Music Shapes Fashion


Thursday, March 9

2:00 pm     Genevive Antic - Doctors Without Borders   

                    Kacper Marona - From the Collapse of Germany,
                    The Birth of the Free Waldorf  School

                   —Break —

5:00 pm      Abigail St. John - The Magic of Stories:
                      Why We Can’t Break the Spell

                     Alex Schrepferman - Cinematography Techniques
                     and Their Influence on the Audience

                     Sarah Gartner - Collapsed Stars


Friday, March 10

2:00 pm       Elijah Marder - The Concussion Epidemic:
                      Tackling Brain Trauma Head On 

                       Maya Tarasiewicz - Synesthesia: The Superpower
                      of the Senses

                     —Break —

5:00 pm       Sean Harper - Marching On: A History of
                      Racial Injustice in America

                      Cherokee Sperry - Native American Warriors

                      Dana Flores - Restorative Justice: Justice That Heals

                      Eden De Jesus - Deconstruction: Fashion Unfinished

9:00 pm      Closing Remarks


Parents, family members, alumni and members of the public are warmly invited to attend.

For more details call the Main Office at 773.465-2662


Top Image: Sam Liss presents his project, "The Psychology of Deception" in 2016.

Inline Column: Silvia Sukenic- Autism Spectrum Disorder: Burden & Blessing  /  Detail from Liza Kahn's- Understanding Beauty: An Exploration Across Four Cultures /  Max Renton- Calder’s Universe: Changing the Face of Sculpture /  Siubhan Stormont- Movie Makeup: The Art of Transformation