The Bulletin

New School Year, New Places to Grow- Sideyard Unveiled

The start of a new school year means another year of learning and growth at Chicago Waldorf School, and with that comes our newly updated side yard! After a summer full of hard work and volunteering by Waldorf faculty, students, and community members, our newly redesigned side yard was unveiled at the start of the school year.

The new additions to the side yard include a slide and tire climb attached to the barn, a sandbox, a grassy hill for climbing, and a brand new fence. Waldorf students are continuously using play as a tool for learning, discovering the world around them, finding a sense of self, and also forming relationships with others. These additions will provide and even more engaging space for students to play, discover, and learn.

Thanks to our community volunteers who invested materials and chipped in to create this amazing recreation of the sideyard. Your work is enjoyed every day by the children!

Special thanks go out to Ashley Gambill, who led the project and contributed many hours to its success!

Chicago Waldorf School is also greatly appreciative of the following people and organizations for generously contributing their time, energy, and resources that helped make this happen:

  1. Gethsamene Gardens: donated, delivered and unloaded 47 free pallets
  2. Jay and staff at Clark/Devon Hardware: donated over $300 worth of supplies for repairing, creating, and sustaining of the fence
  3. Tanja Buehler with Atwood Hoffmann Design LLC: created the design for the grass mounds and hauled old dirt and sand out and put new of both, built sandbox
  4. Angelo & Elena Nikolov: donated sand, money for the slide and other new equipment to come
  5. Mark Miller: was the architect of the original barn and also planned the newest additions and alterations
  6. Jim Moratto: worked with Mark to install the slide, the new archways in the barn and the railings for the tire climb
  7. Pat O'Malley: helped build the tire climb and new entryway and loaned his own tools to help build the fence
  8. John Augustyn: built the new entryway and tire climb as well as the new table in the courtyard
  9. Michael Berger:  led the building in the pallet fence
  10. Theresa Hermanns: helped stain the new pallet fence and water the grass on the weekends
  11. High School Students: for their community service: Olivia Chambers, George Galkine, Jessica Kriho, Chris Kriho, Nate McIntosh, Sali Hasanbegovic, Nicole Wade, Konnie Stormont, Julian Berrios and Aiden Zielinksi as well as others students, Ford Walters and Margot Chambers
  12. Naomi Love and Family:  donated all the tires for the tire climb
  13. Sideyard Task Force: designed and helped create the idea of the alternations. This group included Ashley Gambill, Andrea Shaffer, Jackie Votanek, Kristin Garrison, Katherine Rogers and Luke Goodwin, in particular who continuously checked for progress on the project, stained pallets and watered the grass 

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