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Spring Festival Concludes our Annual Recycle Drive

the 2016 spring festival RECYCLE DRIVE

Its Spring; Lets celebrate rebirth from decay and breathe new life into cast-aways and discards! Time to clear out those closets and lighten the clutter in your basement or attic. Our community members' material donations are being accepted this week until Friday, April 15th. In our main entrance you will find labelled bins and buckets where you can donate these used items for recycling:

Computers  •   Printers/Screens  •  Electronics

Batteries  •  Cell-phones •  Ink Cartridges

All electronics will be recycled through a CWS parent owned company, Huron Paper Stock. Or donate your used clothing & shoes for children through a midwives program supporting new parents in Casa Maternal de Nacimiento in Guatemala.


Clothing & Shoes (for Children in Guatemala)

All clothes and shoes will be donated to children from birth to 10 years old. Their regional weather is cold and rainy- so warm clothes welcome and please no shorts/skirts/flip flops/sleeveless shirts. Only sizes up to 10 yrs. old will be shipped.


To conclude and honor the day's hard work, join the school students, faculty and staff for our annual:

CWS Spring Festival  

Friday April 15th  •  12:30 pm
Auditorium •  Rogers Park Campus

To celebrate Spring's outward facing sense of renewal, the students engage in festival activities throughout the day including: work details that pick up trash in the neighborhood. Caretaking of the 2nd generation Sophia Garden, planting and mulching of the grounds and sideyard. Cleaning of the school hallways, auditorium and maintenance of the recycling programs bins as well as final sorting and loading of all materials collected from the 2016 Recycle Drive.

After a shared lunch across partnered grades, the full grades and High School come together in the auditorium for a Spring Festival Assembly. Parents and friends are welcome to attend at 12:30 in the auditorium.

Finally students conclude the festival in the afternoon with various races and team games at Albion beach, while the older grades play capture the flag at a nearby beach.


Thanks to our recycling partners:
Huron Paper Stock for supporting our Recycle Drive.
The Guatemala Midwives Project for sending clothes and shoes to Guatemala.

Images above: Students participate in the 2015 Spring Festival and Recycle Drive

Celebrating The Differences We Encounter In Our Time

Talking With Our Children About Difference

An Inclusion and Diversity Symposium


Tuesday, April 5, 2016
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Chicago Waldorf School-Rogers Park Campus
1300 W Loyola Avenue
at Lakewood
High School English Room-3rd floor


As our world grows more connected it will become increasingly important for the “adults of tomorrow” to be able to work collaboratively with a broadly diverse population. Race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality and ability are just some examples of difference we encounter in our time.

Join the discussion as the Inclusion & Diversity Committee hosts a conversation on “talking about difference” with our children while cultivating a sense of appreciation for others. 


This parent evening is sponsored by the Inclusion & Diversity Committee, and supported by the CWS faculty & administration


Photos from 2015:

Top- 1st graders in the playground
Side- Seniors and 1st grade buddies carve pumpkins