The Bulletin

Senior Projects Week 2016- Students Teach the Community


Week of March 7-11, 2016

All presentations in the CWS Auditorium / 1300 W. Loyola Avenue  (Map It)

The Waldorf High School seniors, as part of the culmination of their studies, take on the mantle of educators by becoming teachers to the community. Having worked all year on a self-selected topic, the seniors present their specialized knowledge, research and writing to the assembled public for discussion. Parents, friends & guests: members of the public are warmly invited to attend! Presentations will proceed without pause, so please come at the beginning of each morning & afternoon, or evening session.


                    Welcome & Opening Remarks

10:00 am   Dylan Kulik- Aquaponics: Farming in Symbiosis (grades 3 & up)            

                    Chris Richards- Cartoon Creation (grades 7 & up)

                    Liza Kahn- Understanding Beauty: An Exploration Across Four Cultures (grades 7 & up)

                                — Lunch Break —

1:30 pm     Graham Heavenrich- ThemMixesGood: Creating a Musical Presence Online (grades 8 & up)

                    Maddy Byrne- From Street to Gallery: Graffiti and Street Art (grades 7 & up)




10:00 am     Madeline Franklin- The Evolution of Video Games (grades 6 & up)         

                     Shannon Sullivan- Without a Conscience: A Closer Look at Psychopathy (grades 8 & up)

                     Taylor Jones- reCycling (grades 3 & up)

                                — Lunch Break —

1:30 pm      Guthrie Gates- Music in Media: The Art of Scoring Films (grades 4 & up)

                      Kyra Gleason- The Human-Canine Bond (grades. 9 & up)




10:00 am     Maddie Kelson- American Songwriters (grades 4 & up)   

                      Conor Sullivan- Secret Soldiers: The Study of America’s Most Elite Spec-ops Unit (grades 5 & up)

                      Juliet Kelson- How To Make A Penny In The Music Business (grades 7 & up)

                                — Lunch Break —

1:30 pm       Samuel Liss- The Psychology of Deception (grades 7 & up)

                      Delphine Lazar- Uncensored: Adolescence As A Solitary Act (grades 11 & up)

6:30              All High School Parent Evening




10:00 am      Grace White- The Spirituality of Eastern vs. Western Medicine (grades 5 & up)         

                       Siubhan Stormont- Movie Makeup: The Art of Transformation (grades 3 & up)

                       Alfred Phillippe Collins- Bauhaus and Its Influence on My Design (grades 5 & up)

                                — Lunch Break —

1:30 pm       Nikolai Gorman- Relativity: Understanding the Universe (grades 6 & up)

                      Paul Bonaccorsi- My Story: A Journey in Pictures (grade 12 only)




2:00 pm      Tan Vasikachart- Kohn, Commedia dell’arte and Me  (grades 1 & up)              

                     Max Renton- Calder’s Universe: Changing the Face of Sculpture (grades 9 & up)

                     Silvia Sukenic- Autism Spectrum Disorder: Burden and Blessing (grades 7 & up)

                                — Dinner Break —

6:00 pm     Emina Music- Bosnia: Peace By Piece (grades 7 & up)

                    Nick Leonard- Don’t Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: A Guide to Narrative and Linguistic Adaptation (grades 7 & up)

8:00          Closing

Above: The Class of 2015 Seniors at the conclusion of last year's Senior Projects Week