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Halloween Reveals a Variety of Characters at CWS

Observed this past week at the CWS Halloween Assembly:

Enjoy this slide show of some of the costumes on display.

The students in first through eighth grades presented poems, songs and skits to the assembled community in this fun day of dressing up that explored thematic topics from the curriculum.

The auditorium became a giant menagerie. Odin, the "All Father," welcomed guests and introduced the assembly while other Norse Gods sat next to Political Candidates intermingled with animals of all stripes; the Bumble Bees from the Botany curriculum mixed it up with Shiva and other Gods from Eastern cultures. Roman centurions hailed Greek Maidens from across seated rows.

Meanwhile the seventh grade enacted multiple tableaus presenting Aesops Fairy Tales to the Early Child classes in the side yard. And throughout the day classes visited the sixth grade classroom--which it is rumored is haunted--and oftentimes bizarre events have been known to occur there on this unique day. Great fun brought the whole school together on this day.

Did you manage to see some of these characters around school last week?

To see enlargements, click on the image first then use the arrows on the left and right edges to navigate the slide show.