The Bulletin

Colleges Seek Out Our Waldorf Senior Class

This year at Chicago Waldorf High School, 16 of our graduating seniors have applied to a college or university. The schools below accepted our graduating seniors as of 4/7/2015. Merit scholarship offers have been generous as colleges attempt to lure the most qualified students.

Worthy Of Note:

A number of colleges and universities are new additions to our list our institutions seeking our CWS graduates. These new schools are Mt. Holyoke College, Northwestern University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, as well as universities in Canada and the United Kingdom. College familiarity with CWS continues to expand with each graduating class!

Congratulations to the 2015 seniors & their families!

Colleges that the Senior Class of 2015 have been accepted to:


Bates College, ME
Bath Spa University, United Kingdom
Beloit College, WI
Bishop’s University, Quebec
Butler University, IN
California College of the Arts, CA
Carleton College, MN
College of Wooster, OH
Columbia College Chicago
Cornell College, IA
Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia
DePaul University, IL
Drake University, IA
Earlham College, IN
Eckerd College, FL
Fashion Institute of Technology, NY
Flagler College, FL
Illinois Wesleyan University
Illinois Wesleyan University Nursing Program
Indiana University -- Bloomington
Iowa State University
Juniata College, PA
Knox College, IL
Lawrence University, WI
Leeds University, United Kingdom
Loyola University Chicago
Lynn University, FL


Marquette University, WI
Monmouth College, IL
Mt. Holyoke College, MA
Northwestern University, IL
Queen’s University, Ontario
Parson’s—The New School for Design, NY
Pratt Institute, NY
Ripon College, WI
Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia
St. John’s University, NY
St. Louis University, MO
St. Mary’s, MN
Temple University, PA
Tuskegee University, AL
University of British Columbia
University of Colorado -- Boulder
University of Dayton, OH
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Iowa
University of Puget Sound, WA
University of Vermont Nursing Program
Whitman College, WA
Willamette University, OR
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA


The Music Program Presents The 2015 Spring Concert

You are invited by the CWS Music Faculty to attend an instrumental evening concert by students in 5th-12th grades.

The Spring Concert

Wednesday, April 15th

7:00pm • CWS Auditorium


Featuring the middle school bands and orchestras and high school African Drumming, Chamber Ensemble, Guitar I, Guitar Ensemble, Improv Ensemble and Jazz Band.

Appreciate the variety and depth of skills, experience and musical creativity our students have to share.

Doors open 6:45pm / begins at 7:00pm / ends at 8:45pm

We warmly invite the community to attend this exciting evening concert and experience the full scope of the Waldorf instrumental curriculum!

Photos, Top to Bottom: CWS Music Faculty introduce the Middle School & High School instrumental ensembles.
Each ensemble, orchestra and band performs in the 2014 Spring Concert.

Remembering Ilene Warfield

Dear Chicago Waldorf School Parents, Alumni & Friends,


The late poet, author and activist Maya Angelou once said,


“I‘ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


I think many of us will remember Ilene Warfield’s kind deeds— her generous spirit and the way she moved in the world with uprightness and warmth, and those qualities she gave freely, that made us feel safe, made us feel we weren’t crazy, made us feel that we mattered. Ilene passed this morning at 3:30 am surrounded by her family, Sylvie, CWS Class of 2010, Liam, Class of 1998, and Cory, Class of 1992.

Though she sat behind a large desk, it did not act as a social barrier in her office. Her office operated as more of a confessional, for both colleagues and children. She always stopped whatever she was doing, welcomed you with a smile and her big blue eyes, and she embodied what we call the Parcival question: “What ails thee?” She listened without judging, witnessed without prying, and allowed one to maintain dignity in the face of a struggle – even adding levity and humor without offense to help bear the burden. One’s mood was always improved after a visit with Ilene. Her empathy was born out of the struggles she had faced, but she never made it about her. Her generosity of spirit and work was boundless.

We often say that the children are educated by a circle of teachers. Though not a teacher, Ilene knew and loved all of the children. She took an interest in their work and enjoyed watching them grow. She knew all of them and they all knew her. She participated in child studies with the faculty with insight and knowledge. She always wanted her office door left open so that she could hear the children. She greeted every child who brought her attendance, and relished the daily morning musical offerings that came in through the walls.

She insisted on taking every phone call to schedule parent/teacher conferences so that she could build relationships with parents. She often substituted, and referred to substitutions as “opportunities to enjoy” the outdoors with..., lunch with..., or time with various classes. The current 8th grade used to greet her with “Hip, hip, hooray!” every time she entered their classroom.

Most often, the phrase, “How can I help?” passed her lips, and then after agreeing to do more work in support of her colleagues and the school, she always closed with, “Thank you.” She spoiled us, and made things so much easier for us. By always staying positive she even made her illness easier for us. Her humility, courage and energy were inspiring.

On behalf of the Faculty and Staff,      
      - Karen Hartz and Andrea Shaffer

8th Grade Play Dazzles with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The final weekend of March offered this year's annual presentation of the 8th grade play; a tradition that showcases the talents of the middle-schoolers. The students demonstrate their dramatic skills as they conclude their Middle School drama program with a capstone production. 

Ms. Hartz's class elected to present the tale of Alice, who tumbles down the rabbit hole into Wonderland where she must try to make sense of a place where animals talk, flowers walk, and tea parties never end.

The auditorium was packed with a full house for the opening night; which featured Lewis Carrol's famous tale of Alice--a lost girl who comes to learn about herself after undergoing absurd challenges and trying to make sense of a world ruled by topsy-turvy nonesense.

With poise and grace--as well as periodic zaniness--the students took on the challenge of playing multiple roles,

with many inter-scene costume changes and even shifting character assignments in the last days of tech week. Their efforts paid off with an unexpectedly whimsical show braving the colorful, dreamlike and sometimes nonesensical world of Wonderland. 

The parents of the 8th grade supported the show, while Ms. Hartz led the production as its accomplished Director, and special mention must go to the amazing costume design, created by volunteer parent, Roberta Schmatz.  The event was great fun for the whole family! To get a taste of the production, enjoy the accompanying slideshow: a small sampling of the amazing and engaging scenes, costumes and characters from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland...

(For larger photos, click on the main image once to enlarge, then click again or use the arrows to navigate thru the slides...)