The Bulletin

2014 Senior Project Presentations

Thursday, February 2014

To all parents, students, family members, friends and CWS supporters,

You are invited to attend the

2014 Senior Project Presentations
Wed., March 5th thru Fri., March 7th in the CWS Auditorium

Come support the seniors and review their culminating artistic and academic research work. View their artistic projects on exhibition in the back of the auditorium, witness their individual topic-based presentations, and finally engage in dialogue with them in the follow-up Q&A sessions.

Come and be inspired as our seniors become the teachers and share their extensive knowledge of these independently selected and researched topics.


Class of 2014 Senior Project Presentations

Wednesday, March 5th

1:15pm      Welcome to Senior Projects
1:30pm      Lindsay Thompson - The Evolution of Love: From Initial Attraction to Secure Attachment (9th grade and up)
2:15pm      Rebecca Lavin-Burgher - The Culture of Chocolate (3rd grade and up)

Thursday, March 6       

1:30pm     Malcolm Collins - Karve: A Viking Long Ship (4th grade and up)
2:15pm     Adele Erickson - From Pinhole to Digital: The Art of Photography (1st grade and up)
6:00pm     Mercedes Randolph - Running Dry: The Limits of Water (5th grade and up)
6:45pm     Francisco Alvarez - Amplified: The Electric Guitar and the Music It Made Possible (5th Grade and up)
7:30pm     Iris Pavelic - Cymatics-The Healing Aspect of Sound Frequencies (7th grade and up)

Friday, March 7

1:30pm    Joseph Wendy - Creating a Franchise: The NFL from Top to Bottom (5th grade and up)
2:15pm    Sarah Matthews - Cosmetics and Your Health:  Making Better Choices (7th Grade and up)
6:00pm    Alex Morson - 3D Modeling: A Digital Art Form (6th grade and up)
6:45pm    Jeremy Marder - Digital Filmmaking: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Film  (9th Grade and up)
7:30pm    Talia Adams - Special Effects: The Common Deceptions of the Movie Industry (6th Grade and up)
8:15pm    Cole Ruscitti - Car culture in America (All grades)

9:00pm    Closing Festivities