The Bulletin

From Summer To Fall: Reflecting on Seasonal Change

Welcome from the College of Teachers

Dear CWS Families, As the 2012-13 school year began, the faculty and staff at the Chicago Waldorf School were filled with enthusiasm to see the returning students and their families. It’s been a pleasure to see how much our students have grown, hear stories about summer adventures and, also, to welcome new students and their families into our community.

Faculty Professional Development

During the summer our dedicated staff “holds down the fort” at school while the faculty prepares for classes, attends conferences and participates in summer enrichment courses. Due to the tremendous generosity of our community at the 2011 Gala, many faculty members had significant enriching professional development experiences this past summer. In addition, those funds will help to support a review this school year of our World Languages Program as well as our Educational Support Program.

Workshop Trainings with Early Childhood Specialist, Nancy Blanning.

The faculty and staff began the academic year with an Orientation Week that included lectures and discussions with Nancy Blanning, a renowned Waldorf Early Childhood specialist (pictured right). Nancy led us in many thought-provoking conversations about the needs of the children today and how we can best meet them. Our time with Nancy laid the groundwork for this year’s weekly faculty and staff study.

The Waldorf Approach to Technology

As you may know, the College of Teachers at the Chicago Waldorf School is responsible not only for our faculty’s professional development, but also for curriculum development. Last year the Waldorf School movement received widespread media coverage beginning with a New York Times article about the use of technology in Waldorf schools. Although we were very grateful for the publicity, we felt that the coverage told only half the story. CWS formed a College-mandated Technology Task Force that began to look at how our curriculum addresses the understanding and use of technology, and additionally what further curriculum development is needed in this area.

Community Support, Dedication & Generosity

Once again, our community responded with tremendous support at our spring 2012 Gala. These funds will support both program development and administrative infrastructure for technology needs. The College of Teachers is currently overseeing a process that will distribute and implement the use of the funds that have been reserved for pedagogical purposes. We look forward to letting you know how these exciting plans unfold this year!

Lastly, this past spring we explored the opportunity of moving into a new site at what had been the St. Scholastica Academy High School. A team of incredibly dedicated Board of Trustee members, other parent volunteers and CWS staff members worked tirelessly to see if this was a feasible option for our school. Although it was decided that this was not to be our home, important groundwork was laid in our ongoing search for a permanent home. We were also reminded that our true home is in the community spirit that we- faculty and staff, parents and students- create together out of our love and devotion for Waldorf education.

Thank you for entrusting your children’s education to us and may there be many blessings on our 2012-13 School Year!

Colleen Everhart, Chair
For the College of Teachers

CWS Grows- A Big Welcome to New Students!

We are grateful and excited to welcome these new students into our classes and to include all their parents and family members in our community. On behalf of all the teachers and staff, thank you for choosing the Chicago Waldorf School and best wishes for a wonderful school year! Here are our newest students: 


10th Grade: Mr. Wilson and Ms. Goodwin- “Maria” Yun Ju Park, Aja Linnet

9th Grade: Ms. Vig and Mr. Holdrege- Dylan Bilstrom, Juliet Kelson, Emina Music, Alphonzo "Zo" Schrepferman, Sylvia Sukenic, Katherine “Grace” White, Madeline Franklin, Dylan Kulik, Roiale Thomas, Chareeya “Tan” Vasikachart, Taylor Jones, Max Renton

8th Grade: Ms. Triggiano- Alexandra “Alex” Schrepferman

6th Grade: Ms. Hartz- Tierney Bilstrom, Megan Padgett

4th Grade: Ms. Poole- Colin Dorrian

2nd Grade: Ms. Moskowitz- Auren Boynton, Caius Boynton, Ashley Gonzales, Ethan Pierce

1st Grade: Ms. Rotko- Simone Jackson

Early Childhood 1: Ms. Matson- Lola Zimmerman, Luisa Assirati, Amiri Compean, Delaney Dahlaw

Early Childhood 2: Ms. Donkel- Reagan Dorrian, Claudia Galligan, Henry Galligan, Marlena Berger, Louisa Goodwin, Ameyalli Flannery, Rebecca Kriho

Early Childhood 3: Ms. Votanek- Alana Correa, Eloise Brown, Knox Brogan, Ethan Hartung, Riley Hartung, Avishai Hall, Gianmatteo Vigano, Bailey Rae Kuck, Audrey Madla, Walker “Gus” Rozic, Taylor Gardner, Mieke Hall, Maxim Nikitin

Early Childhood 4 Nursery: Ms. Assirati- Lucas Gratzl, Ari Blatt, Clara Degenholtz, Everett Chambers, Camilla Sheftel, Giovanni Barford, Olivia Barford, Jaedah Marsh, Timothy Casserly, Lorenzo Sassi, Soren Dahlaw

Early Childhood 5: Ms. Culbert- Helen Prekop, Francis Prekop, Kishore Olayo, Hadassah Hernandez, Shiloh Hernandez, Vaughn Bradley, Drake Jarrett-Stenzel, Elsa Plumb, Samuel Kemeny

Thanks to 7th grader, Maci Greenberg for providing this "new student" illustration

Report from the CWS Alumni Council

CWS Alumni Council is Founded

Last year saw the formation of a new Alumni Council led by Catherine Herzog, 8th grade ‘01, and Peter Starzynski, ’00. This Alumni Council ended the year with an inaugural event which included a closed-door panel with the graduating senior class, dinner with the Board Executive Committee to lay out a plan for future Alumni Relations, and a Waldorf in Chicago Happy Hour.

Alumni mix it up in a reunion amidst a Green Roof Garden

The Alumni Council was excited to welcome nearly 60 former CWS students to the Waldorf in Chicago Happy Hour held at Uncommon Ground. The night was a celebratory event focused on reunion and friendship. Alumni who graduated high school in the mid-1990’s as the first classes to graduate from the High School had the opportunity to meet and mingle with recent grads from the CWS class of 2011. Many 8th grade graduates returned to visit with former classmates and peers for the first time in over 10 years, and reconnected amidst the scenic backdrop of Uncommon Ground’s rooftop garden.

Looking to the Future

This year the alumni council is looking forward to another year of reconnecting with former students and celebrating together. Once again the Alumni Council will have a presence at school festivals including the Holiday Fair, and we hope to have several alumni-specific events.

Currently the alumni council is looking for former Waldorf students to join the Alumni Council.

The Alumni Council also hopes to have a former Chicago Waldorf School student serve on the 2012-2013 Gala Committee, and is looking for graduates to showcase in our "Alumni Profile" series. Please send us an email with a description of your latest whereabouts and activities; our community wants to hear from you and know what you are doing! This is a great way to reconnect with old friends too.

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Council for the 2012-2013 year, please email or call Catherine Herzog at 773.465.2662 x8472 for more information.

Connect with alumni & learn about Alumni Council! Visit our Alumni Page or find us on Facebook

CWS Pizza and Hot Dog Days: A Great Lunch Program

Pizza and Hot Dog Days have begun and already students, teachers, and staff are enjoying the tasty lunches that this year's 8th grade class is providing. If you haven't signed up for pizza and hot dogs, it isn't too late! Print the Pizza Order Form or the Hot Dog Order Form and turn in your orders with payment to your class teacher or to the main office. 2nd grader Andrew takes a juicy bite below!

Andrew takes a juicy bite!

  1. If you want to order for the month of October, all order forms must be submitted by October 3rd.
  2. Order forms and payments should be sent to your child’s class teacher (or the High School office for High School Students)
  3. You can order for the full year or by semester
  4. A limited number of extra lunches are available on the day of sale, but there is no guarantee they will have a lunch unless it is pre-ordered. Extra potato chips will be available for sale on the day of for 50¢ a bag, this is not a pre-order option

Pizza Lunches will be provided by Apart Pizza, the same vendor as last year. The offerings are the same, cheese and pepperoni by the slice.

Hot Dog Lunches will be cooked by 8th grade parents, in partnership with New Leaf (organic grocery store across the street from school).

Thank you for continuing to support the 8th grade! (proceeds go to the 8th grade field trip)

-Carol Triggiano, Carly Garcia, Laura St. John, Betsy Palder (the 8th Grade Class Teacher & Room Parents)

Attend the True Botanica Foundation’s Fall Homeopathy Conference

The True Botanica Foundation's conference, Anthroposophy and Homeopathy: Successful Use of High Dilution Remedies in Everyday Practice is taking place October 19th – 21st at the Simpson Living Learning Center at the Loyola University Lake Shore Campus in Chicago. This conference will include presentations and a panel discussion on the fundamental contribution of anthroposophy to understanding homeopathy, new and historical research with attenuated and high dilution substances and clinical applications with potentized remedies in practical life situations. The True Botanica Foundation is pleased to offer the Chicago Waldorf School community a discounted registration price:

  • $25 for Friday night only / $75 each for Saturday only or for Sunday only
  • $175 for the entire weekend conference

To register please send check and registration information (Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Name for badge) and be sure to mention that you are a community member of the Chicago Waldorf School to:
True Botanica Foundation / 1005 Richards Road, Suite D / Hartland, WI 53029.
Please contact with any questions.

CWS Discount Code: CHIWS

To order True Botanica Products, please visit and enter CHIWS in the promotions box for special Chicago Waldorf School discounts. You can also order by calling 1-800-294-0043 and telling the code.

Care To Share Makes Plans and a Call for Volunteers

Come to our next organizational meeting: We are looking for volunteers!

Care to Share is looking for parent volunteers to help engage students, parents, and faculty with the larger worldwide Waldorf Community this school year. Founded as a parent initiative many years ago, Care to Share has become a significant part of school community and is now seeking new parents to bring their creativity, vision, and leadership to the group. Care to Share is a school wide committee that connects our CWS community with other Waldorf schools cooperating in support initiatives around the globe. We nurture this connection through correspondence between CWS students and other students throughout the world, and by contributing funds to Waldorf schools and other teacher-chosen, and class-chosen initiatives. Care To Share funds are raised with the help of CWS parents, teachers, staff and students who create handcrafted goods in workshops and classrooms or donate their handwork for sale in the Care to Share room at the Holiday Fair and May Fair.

“Our ability to contribute to Waldorf Initiatives in other parts of our country or around the world is an acknowledgement of our interconnectivity and of the good work being done everywhere. It is an important gesture of service which the Waldorf curriculum so beautiful embodies.”

–Sue Smock Lawson, CWS parent

Care to Share is a unique opportunity to come together and embrace the Waldorf community, support the curriculum, and create new connections between students, faculty, and parents. The program is designed to nourish personal connections between members of our local and global community with the opportunity for mentors to pass on the beautiful art of crafting, while also connecting Waldorf schools and their communities worldwide. Please attend our next planning meeting. For information or inquiries about Care to Share meeting times, email Laura Donkel at

Waldorf Schools Heralded with Prestigious “Green School” Award

Announced by our parent organization, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA):

We are thrilled to inform you that Waldorf Education has earned the Green School Award bestowed by the Captain Planet Foundation because of the ways that Waldorf Education incorporates an environmentally sensitive curriculum in every grade. Each year the Board of Trustees of the Captain Planet Foundation "rededicate ourselves to our mission by honoring some of our own outstanding real live, environmental super heroes. This year our Board of Directors chose to present four awards, honoring those who have demonstrated extraordinary environmental stewardship, helping to protect and preserve the natural balance and beauty of our land and actively put forth a significant effort in making the world a better place." AWSNA and Waldorf Education is one of the four award selections: the Award Brief can bee seen at The Making of an Environmentalist in Waldorf Schools.

"Waldorf educators know by cultivating a personal relationship with the Earth and her resources, young people can develop a genuine ecological consciousness."

We have been collecting our member schools' green stories on our Why Waldorf Works website Green pages. Check them out, and send us yours so we can share them with the world!

A Biodynamic Farming Conference in Wisconsin

On November 14-18, 2012, at the beautiful Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison, WI, you can attend an extraordinary event — the 2012 North American Biodynamic Conference. This biennial conference is the foremost event for biodynamic education, networking, and community building on the continent, bringing together hundreds of farmers, gardeners, educators, activists, and interested newcomers for five days of inspiring keynotes, informative workshops, networking, exhibits, film screenings, art, and organic and biodynamic foods.

This year’s theme, Sacred Agriculture: Creating a New Relationship with the Earth, will focus on how we can build a sacred relationship to the earth through farming, gardening, and transformational work in our communities.

Who should come? This will be an excellent opportunity for both novices and those experienced with biodynamics — as well as those interested in organic or sustainable farming and gardening — to learn more about the biodynamic approach to agricultural renewal. More than 40 workshops will provide inspiration and practical advice for farmers and gardeners, educators and activists, consumers and entrepreneurs, young and old.

Early Bird Discount: Register by September 15 to receive 10% off. Members: Get an additional 10% off, for a total of 20% off. You can become a member when you register and receive the discount immediately.


Scholarships Available: Thanks to generous donors, assistance with conference registration fees is available to those with financial need through the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund. Conference press release and media materials are available at For more information on the conference, please contact: Rebecca Briggs, Communications Coordinator, Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association (262) 649-9212 x3 Or Visit these websites and social media sites: / /